Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Random Thoughts

Sitting here at work, I think of random things. Here are some of my ponderings for the day:

1--Isn't it strange how certain songs bring back old memories and remind you of certain people??? I hear this one song at least once a week, and it makes me think back to about 6 years ago, and I would almost swear it's a "sign" to get in touch with the person the song remind me of, just to see how things are going.

2--Who in the world names their kid after a cereal, and then they go on to be a professional athelete? Apparently someone does: Coco Crisp

3--Do you carry on a conversation with others who are in the restroom at the same time as you? I'm sorry, but I just find it awkward to carry on a conversation while performing bodily functions, and without being able to see the person I'm talking to (though I suppose I do this when talking on the phone/internet, but still).


Cris said...

Coco's real name is actually Covelli...Coco is the nickname that just sort of evolved from that.
I'm a Red Sox fan...LOL! :)

MelissaW said...

I did see that when I found the Wikipedia link, but thanks for the info!

Jean said...

stopping by from the giveaways.

I just had to say that it's even worse when someone is on the cell phone while doing their business in a public restroom. It's just wrong on so many levels! Just had to mention that. :)

The Girl Next Door said...

ooh no, not that song! Because yeah, it just "takes me there...."

and the bathroom thing? Mrs. Emily post says just to "keep quiet"until you come out of the stall. Me, too.

queenoftheclick said...

I'm with you, I don't like when people talk to me while I am in the restroom. Today, we went to a diner for dinner and another patron came in minutes later while I was already in a stall busy, ya know. She said, "Wow it's hot in here. Isn't it hot?" "I saw your blouse when you passed by and I wanted to ask you where you got it from?" I didn't say anything because I wasn't sure if she was talking to me at first and it just felt awkward. When I got out of the stall to rinse my hands she said, "don't go without telling me where you got it from." I could barely say Anthropologie (the store's name) as I opened the door and left the bathroom.

Jennifer said...

Spoke to Bill on my cell just today while out shopping / in the rest room. I like accomplishing more then one thing at once. =;)

sarah said...

Come on a Doula inhibited by bodily functions? As a doula I am sure you know it is very important and healthy to be in touch and comfortable with your body/bodily functions. This is something I am focusing very hard on since I am due to give birth with my second daughter in 2 weeks. I think doulas and midwives are awesome you both should get so much more credit then you do.
ps Every pregnant women should watch The Business of Being Born

danandmarsh said...

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Amy said...

I agree about the bathroom thing. While I'm guilty of using the bathroom while talking to close friends while I'm home I wouldn't do it in a public bathroom and I definately wouldn't talk to a stranger in a public bathroom.

Joan said...

OK, found this post while looking for something to comment on for your giveaway. And it cracked me up! I actually have that song thing happen with regard to my best friend. We have this weird habit of falling out of touch about once every other year. And EVERY TIME, I hear the same song, and it reminds me to call him. Weirdly, I told him about it once, and he said the SAME THING has happened to him.