Saturday, January 31, 2009

We have some WINNERS!

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-01-31 14:58:01 UTC

So, that means the winners are:
Liz McCoy
Jeff & Angie Ratzlaff Family

I have sent you all emails. Please respond back no later than 7pm (EST) Sunday, Feb 1.

THANKS to everyone & I hope to "see" you all back again!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Pampers/Kandoo FREE book offer

To redeem your free copy of "K is for Kissing a Cool Kangaroo" or another scholastic book of sponsor's choice (est value 6.99), simply mail one (1) original UPC from any Pampers Easy Ups or Kandoo product along with your name, daytime telephone #, email, and complete mailing address to:
Pampers Book Offer
557 Broadway
PO box 711
new York, NY 10012

Book offer begins Jan 28 2009 and ends when either 2500 free books have been awarded or May 31 2009. No copies, fax, or reproductions of upc will be accepted. duplicate requests constitute fraud. limit one free book per household. no group, commercial, or business requests. Offer good in US only.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cash for Gold

I had a small collection of jewelry that I no longer wore, so I took it into a local jewelry shop last week to see what it was worth. Some of it wasn't worth anything, but the few things I did have came to a total of $35. I could have taken it back & shopped around, but it was Friday, and the jewelry wasn't doing me any good, so I traded it, got a check, and went to the bank. Quick & easy. On my way out of the store, I glanced at the estate jewelry they had. I found some BEAUTIFUL 3 stone diamond rings (past, present, future) that would look great on my hand, and from what I could tell, were pretty decent in price, compared to some that I've seen in retail stores in the mall. I post this as a "hint" to my dear husband, to whom I will have been married to for 5 years in just a few weeks (Valentine's Day)! Of course, I know it might not fit in our budge right now, but when it does allow, I wear a size 10 ring. :-)

"You take Mommy to jail?"

OK, I admit it, I fact, I got pulled over earlier this week one evening on my way home from work. I knew I was speeding, and I had a feeling it was a police officer in the car coming towards me. My "feeling" was confirmed when the car pulled to the shoulder of the road, and quickly turned around, lights flashing. I pulled over on the shoulder, flicked the overhead light on, rolled my window down & proceeded to dig for my license & registration.

Lucas saw the flashing lights, heard me say a "potty word" (it starts with S_ _ _), and as I was digging for the necessary items, asked if the cop was "going to take Mommy to jail?" The police man must have heard his inquisitive-ness as he approached my window, because he asked my son what he'd said. When I repeated it, the policeman replied "Not tonight, that's too much paperwork" and chuckled a bit. While Mr Policeman went back to his car to run my information, Lucas was a bundle of questions, one right after another.

Luckily, I got just a warning this time, but really, I think Lucas' questioning really helped me this time around. I even turned around to thank him while Mr Policeman was still at my window.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Walgreens Rx printable

Click here for a printable coupon good for a $25 gift card when you transfer a prescription to Walgreens.


I found this idea on another blog while I was surfing the Bloggy Carnival site.

OK, now it's your turn....take a pic of the bag you're using right now. No cheating & going to your closet to pick out your favorite/the prettiest...Post a pic & then tell me a little bit about it including how you got it, how much it cost, the story behind it, etc.

I got this particular bag about a month ago while I was shopping in Big Lots. Strangely enough, I found it in the scrapbooking section of the store, so I think it was really meant to be a carry bag for scrapping supplies. Nevertheless, I liked the fact that it zips up, and has large pockets on the front to stash things in, but is wasy to get into in a hurry. Here it is:

Monday, January 26, 2009

Brooke Mulford charity effort

I am joining my community in an effort to raise money for this sweet little 4 year old girl, Brooke Mulford, who is currently battling neuroblastoma. Please consider making a donation via the button below. I will be attending a bingo fundraiser for her on Feb 21, and would love to be able to give them a donation for her fund. No donation is too small. Thank you in advance & God bless!

Need a Job?

I just received this information from a friend. Perhaps it will help someone who has been a victim of the many recent layoffs our country is now experiencing:

CITE Family and Friends: Pass forward to anyone who may be interested! : or US Census Bureau is Hiring 1.2 Million. Just in case you all know anybody who may be interested. The US Census Bureau has announced they are hiring for Census Takers $18.00 per hours Now. Anyone interested should apply at the U.S. Census Bureau or link to: or

Spring Bloggy Giveaway Carnival

It's BLOGGY CARNIVAL time again! This time, I'm giving away 3 great prizes:
#1--Coupon potluck of a minimum of 50 (non-expired) coupons.
#2--Stockpile items, a minimum of 2.
#3--Scrapbook supplies, a minimum of 2 new items.


1--Open to US residents do NOT have to have a blog of your own. Just be sure to provide a valid email address as this is how I will contact the winner.
2--Comments will close at 10pm EST on Friday, Jan 30. Winner will be announced on Saturday, Jan 31, by 10pm EST. I will use a random number generator to choose the winner for me. Winner will have until 7pm EST Sunday, Feb 1 to get me their address for mailing. If no response, I will choose another winner.
3--To be entered, simply leave a comment on this post.
4--For an extra entry, subscribe to my blog and/or become a "follower" Then, post a comment telling me you have done so.
5--For another extra entry, leave a comment on any post from 2008. It has to be a meaningful comment, not just "I like this" or "Good stuff" No need to tell me about this as I will get notification when the comment is posted.
6--For yet another extra entry, please see the above post & consider making a donation.

THANKS for checking out my blog & I hope to see you back again soon!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rite Aid deals 1/25-1/31/09

Not too exciting this week, but there are a few:

Garnier Body & Volume shampoo/conditioner
$2.99 - $2.99 SCR=FREE
Can be a money maker if you have manuf coupons, which are out there (I just don't have any left)

One Touch Ultra 2 or One Touch Ultra mini blood glucose monitor
$19.99 - $20 manuf = FREE
If you don't need it, get it for FREE & donate to someone/somewhere who can use it but might not be able to afford it.

Veet bladeless razor kit
$3.99 - $3 SCR = 99c
Becomes a money maker if you use $2 printable here, YMMV as RA corporate policy is to not
accept IPs.

Listerine mouthwash
$4.99 - $2 in ad coupon = $2.99
Here is a $2 printable, again, YMMV.
You could buy 4 bottles & get a $10 SCR back as well, just grab some extra circulars when you go in the store.

Huggies Goodnites
$9.99 - $5 SCR = $4.99
Use $2 manuf coupon, and submit for Caregivers Marketplace rebate as well, to bring the total down to $2.24

Huggies wipes refill
$6.99 - $1 SCR = $5.99
Use $1 manuf coupon to make total $4.99

Bloggy Carnival is coming up!

The bloggy carnival is coming up next week! I will be participating again, so make sure you come back to enter.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I've been a member of ebay for a little more than 7 years now I think. I began selling in the summer of 2005, in preparation of the arrival of our first little one. At first, I sold things I had around the house that we didn't use anymore. Then, I began purchasing items on clearance for re-selling on ebay. It worked, but I ran out of room to keep the stuff until the "season" was right, so I stopped doing that. Then, last year after ebay made some changes to feedback and prices, I boycotted for a while, not selling at all, and not buying much either. Luckily, in the past month, I've been pretty successful at selling. Most of it is new stuff I've come across one way or another, but some of it is stuff we have around the house that's been "gently loved" I must say, I'm pleasantly surprised at the success I've had, especially with the way the economy is. I just hope it keeps up this way...If you're interested in checking out my items, please click on this link.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A variety of "stuff"

Boy, where does time go?!? I must apologize because I really don't mean to let so much time elapse between posts, but when I get home from work at night, I don't get a chance to sit down until it's time for bed. I'll try to be better about updating, promise! Here are some things of interest for you to check out:

FREE computer mouse--I just signed up for this one myself, so I don't know if it's for sure or not, but hey, it's worth a try, right?!

FREE Disney scrapbook kit WYB 2 Jif/Smuckers items

Scott products rewards coupons--the more you buy, the more you save

Oh yeah, I wanted to let you all know that my "goal" for Kmart was met last week, without the $10 Rx transfer, if I'd had that, then I could have bought even more stuff & still have been under my goal of $20. I ended up spending $17 OOP for the stuff I bought, which totaled around $52 before coupons, most of it baby stuff. I have the $10 GC sitting in my wallet now, just waiting to be used during the next round of super doubles Kmart offers.

Also, yesterday, I did well at Walgreens (for a change, I'm still getting the hang of their system). I had a Rx transferred there, and had a coupon for a $25 GC, so I had that in my pocket to pay for some of my stuff.

Transaction #1
I got $20 worth of Pepsi/Frito Lay items, and earned a $10 RR. Will be submitting these items for the Pepsi/Frito Lay mail in coupon offer once I rip all the UPCs off of them.
I used my raincheck for the Electrasol that was on sale a few weeks back, and used the $2.50 coupon, and will submit for the ESR to make money on that particular item.
This transaction was paid for solely using the GC, so no OOP expense.

Transaction #2
Huggies diapers, which I used a $1.50 coupon on, will submit for the Caregivers Marketplace rebate (0.75 earned), and also earned a $1 RR.
2 cans of Emerald almonds, BOGO w/ Wags coupon, used 75c/2 manuf coupon
3 boxes Quaker oatmeal (had raincheck for $1.99 sale price), used 3 $1 manuf coupons
1 box Electrasol (raincheck for sale price), used $2.50 manuf coupon
2 Dawn, on sale 99c each, used $1/2 manuf coupon
1 pack microwave popcorn (filler, clearance 40c)
Total came to $25.71 before using coupons mentioned above.
Used the $10 RR from previous transaction
Used the remaining Rx transfer GC balance of $2.xx
Used a Visa GC to pay the remaining balance of $5.xx
Still no OOP cost :-)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shopping this week

I'm going to be making a few stops this week....Here's what's on my list:

Raincheck for the Quaker instant oatmeal $1.99 from last week, use $1 IP = $0.99/box
Raincheck for electrasol $3.49 from last week, use $2.50 manuf, submit for $1.50 rebate = $ maker
Garnier hair products $2.99, use $2 ES, use $1 manuf = FREE
Car air fresheners FAR (they were out last week)
Orajel FAR, submit for manuf rebate up to $8.49 = $ maker
Revlon, use $2 manuf = FREE or very cheap makeup and/or tools
Halls cough drops $0.99 w/ ad coupon, use 50c manuf = $0.49
Pepsi products--Buy 5/$15 get $5 RR, also submit for Pepsi manuf rebate
Oust air freshner BOGO, use BOGO manuf = 2 for FREE
Aquafresh $2.99, use $1 IP, use $2 ES coupon = FREE
Aquafina 24pack $4.49, use $1 ES coupon = $3.49

Rite Aid
Pepsi products--Buy 3/$10.98 (in ad coupon) get 1 FREE, submit for manuf rebate
Freestyle diabetes meter $9.99, use $20 manuf = FREE This also has an in-box rebate, but I've found that normally when you use a coupon to get the item for free, the manuf rebate is denied, but YMMV
Excedrin $1.99, use $2 manuf = FREE
Huggies $9.99, submit for $2 SCR, use $1.50 manuf, submit for Caregivers Marketplace rebate ($1/package), buy $30 of Kimberly Clark items get $10 RA gift card
Electrasol $4.49, use $2.50 manuf, submit for $2 SCR = FREE
Reese Whips 2/$1, use $1/2 manuf = 2 FREE
Don't forget to use the $5/$25 coupon from signing up on the RA website

Colgate toothpaste $1.69, use $1.50 manuf = $0.19 (thru Monday only)
Rachel's exotic yogurt, use $1/3 manuf, use Easy Solutions coupon
Kotex Lightdays, use $0.75 manuf (doubles) = FREE (every day)
Loreal kids shampoo, use $0.75 manuf (doubles), I'm hoping to find some that's on clearance, so I'll get it super cheap, or maybe even free
Wet Ones, use $0.75 manuf (doubles)
Suave deoderant, use $0.75 manuf (doubles) = FREE (ever day)
Green Giant veggies, use $0.50 manuf (doubles)

Is having super doubles, so they'll double manuf coupons up to $2....I have a whole stack of things I'll be looking for, price comparing, and buying if the price is right....My goal is to not spend over $20 for the things I'll be buying.
I'll also be transferring a prescription there & earning a $10 GC (from today's sale paper), so I should be able to put that to my purchases.

Friday, January 9, 2009

FREE Lego magazine subscription

Go here for a FREE 2 year subscription to Lego magazine! Now your child(ren) can enjoy getting mail as well!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Caroline the Escapee

Recently I caught this video of Caroline "escaping" the gate. We have to have it off the ground some or her brother can reach over & undo it. Apparently this day, it was off the ground a little too much.