Saturday, January 24, 2009


I've been a member of ebay for a little more than 7 years now I think. I began selling in the summer of 2005, in preparation of the arrival of our first little one. At first, I sold things I had around the house that we didn't use anymore. Then, I began purchasing items on clearance for re-selling on ebay. It worked, but I ran out of room to keep the stuff until the "season" was right, so I stopped doing that. Then, last year after ebay made some changes to feedback and prices, I boycotted for a while, not selling at all, and not buying much either. Luckily, in the past month, I've been pretty successful at selling. Most of it is new stuff I've come across one way or another, but some of it is stuff we have around the house that's been "gently loved" I must say, I'm pleasantly surprised at the success I've had, especially with the way the economy is. I just hope it keeps up this way...If you're interested in checking out my items, please click on this link.

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Nancy said...

Isn't it wonderful how Ebay "works". I love that old Ebay commercial with all the people holding up their interesting and unique clocks for a buyer, and then he finally picks one. It really is true that most people in the world are honest and try to act fairly (I think). Good luck on your buying and selling on eBay!

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