Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cash for Gold

I had a small collection of jewelry that I no longer wore, so I took it into a local jewelry shop last week to see what it was worth. Some of it wasn't worth anything, but the few things I did have came to a total of $35. I could have taken it back & shopped around, but it was Friday, and the jewelry wasn't doing me any good, so I traded it, got a check, and went to the bank. Quick & easy. On my way out of the store, I glanced at the estate jewelry they had. I found some BEAUTIFUL 3 stone diamond rings (past, present, future) that would look great on my hand, and from what I could tell, were pretty decent in price, compared to some that I've seen in retail stores in the mall. I post this as a "hint" to my dear husband, to whom I will have been married to for 5 years in just a few weeks (Valentine's Day)! Of course, I know it might not fit in our budge right now, but when it does allow, I wear a size 10 ring. :-)

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