Friday, October 31, 2008

A tear in my eye

Our doggy died on Labor Day. We're not sure if he was bitten by a snake (we'd seen a few copperheads around recently), or if he ate something he shouldn't have (ie poison). Well, we explained to Lucas that Scraps was in Heaven. Of course, we got the string of "Why" questions when we told him this. His daddy buried Scraps & made a cross to mark his grave in the back yard. Occassionally, Lucas will peer out the back window & mention it, but not recently.

Well, the past 2 mornings, my poor son has whined while getting into the car because he wants to know where Scraps is. You see, Lucas dumped out the remaining portion of his McDonald's dinner on Monday evening, and it's still sitting in the yard, where if Scraps were still with us, he'd have gobbled it up as Lucas was dumping it.

It breaks my heart to see my little boy want his doggy back so badly. He was just getting to the age where they played together. Maybe for Christmas Santa will bring him a puppy....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Home Depot video contest

The Home Depot wants to know how people are saving energy in their home in its "Save Money. Save Energy. Win Big." video contest. Just shoot a short video to show how you're saving money and helping the environment by making your home more energy efficient.

Anyone can log on to to enter their video between now and November 9, 2008. The contest winner will receive a $5,000 Home Depot gift card and up to $2,000 for installed insulation or radiant barrier products from The Home Depot. The energy savings videos should focus on conserving energy in your home and addressing issues to prevent high energy bills. The videos will be judged on relevance to the energy savings theme, originality and creativity. The second and third place winners will receive a $1,500 and $500 gift card, respectively.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall Bloggy Giveaway!!!!

It's that time again: Bloggy Giveaway Carnival. Go here for more information, and for a link list of all the blogs participating.

This time around, I'm offering a few things as well:
1--A potluck envelope of coupons to help you save some $ on your grocery bill.
2--Some scrapbooking supplies that I purchased to use, but haven't yet.
3--A box of random things from my "stockpile" This might be shampoo, hair dye, medicine, cleaning supplies, etc. You never know what you might get.

In order to be entered, please leave me a comment. For each of the following you do, you will receive 1 additional entry: subscribe to my blog & participate in my other promotions I have posted about as well. Don't forget to leave me an additional comment letting me know you've done one (or both) of the above. You may also want to consider visiting my business blog to participate in that giveaway as well.

Winner will be chosen on Sunday, Nov 2 after 5pm (Eastern time), using a random number generator, and posting the information here. If there is no way to contact you via your comment, and you haven't contacted me by mid-week (will have a reminder post up once winners are chosen), then I will choose another winner at random. Open to US addresses only, please.

Thanks a bunch! Happy couponing.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Random assortment

FREE Dr Pepper

Terms & conditions for a FREE Taco Bell taco, thanks to someone stealing a base during the World Series.

$5 off $20 at Walgreens on Fri/Sat, Oct 24 & 25.

$5 off $50 at Super Giant, HURRY, expires Oct 25. During step 3 of registration, check the bpx to receive monthly emails and you will get a coupon for $5 off $50 in the November monthly e-newsletter.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Superfresh FREEBIES!


I walked out of Superfresh without paying a dime for all this (and more that I forgot to put in the pic). Everything I bought was either on sale and/or I had coupons for the item. I definately didn't plan on paying nothing, but it was an instant high!

Here's a complete list of everything I bought:
Kellogg's Froot Loops--on sale
Similac ready to feed formula--club savings + $5 coupon
2 Tylenol PM--$3 store coupon + 2 $1 manuf coupon
Stroehman bread--$0.55 manuf coupon (doubled to $1.10)
2 Earths Best baby food jars--$1/2 manuf coupon
2 Kellogg's Poptarts--on sale, $1/2 manuf coupon
Kleenex--$0.75 store coupon + $0.55 manuf coupon (doubled to $1.10)
Edy's ice cream--on sale, $1 manuf coupon
Breyers 6pk Disney yogurt--$0.50 manuf coupon (doubled to $1) + $0.75 store coupon
White Castle hamburgers 6pk--on sale, $0.50 manuf coupon (doubled to $1)
4 Progresso can soups--on sale, 2 $0.50 manuf coupons (doubled to $1 each) + $0.50 store coupon

Friday, October 17, 2008

Superfresh finds!

Here's what I got at SuperFresh last night:

And, I paid a whopping $2.05 out of pocket (which I actually paid with a gift card), after coupons & Bonus savings card!!!!
I used: Free Pampers coupon (from Pampers rewards program), 55c Stroeman bread coupon-doubled to $1.10, 75c/4 Gerber baby food SF store coupon/catalina, $5 Similac "check" What's even better is I hit the $200 mark for the Baby Club reward, so I also got a $20 coupon for my next purchase. Now I'm just hoping there's a triples promo before it expires.

I went in there again today to fill a prescription, and picked up a copy of the Easy Solutions magazine & their sales flyer. You can find a list of the coupons in the ES book here. Don't forget that you can stack a manufacturer coupon with these coupons for extra savings. Notables in this week's sales flyer (for me) include:
Kellogs cereals (Corn Pops, Foot Loops, Apple Jacks) for $1.49 from Oct 17-23 only! There are several printable coupons for Kellogs cereals to use, however, SuperFresh policy is to NOT accept printables. So, my suggestion is to take the SF sales flyer to WalMart (or store of your choice) and have them price match, so you can use the IPs. Rumor has it that My Points also has these coupons available to print as well. If you're not already a member, please leave a comment with your email address & I am happy to send you an invite.
Progresso classic soups are 10/$10 (with card, 18-19oz). There were coupons in last week inserts that are $0.50/2, which would be doubled to $1, so it would be a BOGO situation.
FREE Crocs when you buy $40 worth of P&G products on 1 receipt. Sounds a little daunting at first, but if you buy a box of Pampers, you're over half way there. Use the P&G insert coupons that come out monthly to help you find items you can purchase using coupons for extra savings.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

FREEbies for you!

Good for 1 FREE coffee, cappuccino, espresso, freshly brewed coffee, or hot tea from Barnes & Noble. Must be used by 10/31/08. Note that directly under it, there's a coupon for 15% off 1 item.

FREE Arby's beef & cheddar sandwich coupon via email.

Crocs are my weakness....I own a pair of every color in the rainbow (brown, black, light blue, red, pink). Well, almost, but I'm still working on it. Rather than paying full price for them at a retail store, I always buy mine from

I'm asking for a favor. Click on this referral link for a $10/$50 purchase coupon. When you sign up & make a purchase, I will receive a gift certificate once 5 of my referrals have made purchases. Did I mention that you will have the opportunity to do this same thing once you join? Oh yeah, and they always offer FREE shipping via UPS, FREE returns, and a price guarantee! Plus, if you make a second purchase within 60 days of your initial purchase, you will get an additional 10% off that order as well.

In addition to using the coupon I send to you, here are some more promo codes you can use for additional savings:
10% off SHOEBUY exp 12/31/08
15% off ENTSHOE15 exp 12/31/08
$5/$50 BUY5 exp 12/31/08

To (hopefully) get some more participation, I'm offering $10 (in the form of cash, PayPal, or a giftcard) to 1 of the first 5 (randomly chosen using a # generator) who use the referral link to sign up AND make a purchase. I can track it, so I'll know who does and does not make purchases. This offer is open through Oct 31. If there are not 5 who participate, then the deal will remain open until I do have 5 participants.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fresh Sacks diaper disposal bags

Taken from Hot Coupon World:
Hi fellow mom's!! I am a mother of 3 boys, my youngest is 7. I now have a product that I manufacturer, this came about because of my childrens stinky diapers. The product is Fresh Sacks. They are a scented, odor neutralizing, degradable bags to dispose of the stinky diaper. We were so blessed to get shelf space with Walgreen's but if we don't sell the product they will not buy more. How do I get the word out about my product??? They are on the baby aisle near the ointments. Fresh Sacks come on a roll of 250 bags for $8.99, but if you go to my website there is a rebate for $5.00. So you will only be paying $3.99. Can anyone give me some good advice. We can not afford advertising at the moment, but maybe with your help someday we can. Or maybe we won't need it if I get some good tips.....

A mom trying to make it happen!!!
Debbie String

While I haven't tried these myself, it seems like a fantastic idea, especially when you are out & about with no where to dump that stinky package. Part of the reason I haven't tried them is because I can never find them at my Walgreens...but, next time I'm in there (which isn't too terribly often), I'm going to ask someone to help me find them.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rite Aid deals 10/12-10/18

It's about time that Rite Aid offer some freebies. It's been pretty sparse the last few weeks, at least for me. Well, they're making up for it this week. Just wish I didn't have to front so much money to get the items first. I have a $30 gift card I will use for some of it, from transferring a prescription there, but that won't cover everything free after reabte--guess I'll just have to be selective in what I buy.

Thanks to jerzyaltyangl, hatch347, SwapSavers & BudgetQueen at Hot Coupon World for their assistance in finding the coupons & rebates to match up with the deals to give overage! I have posted links for printable coupons, but please remember it is corporate policy at Rite Aid to NOT accept them, however, YMMV.

All rebates are limit one, except noted otherwise. All are Purchase One (1).

Rebate #116
Nasaflo Neti Pot, includes 50 premixed packets
Up to $10.99 SCR
Look out for peelies on this product. Reported to be found: $2 at CVS, $1.50 at Walgreens

Rebate #117
Saline Nasal Rinse Kit + 100 refills
Up to $6.99 SCR

Rebate #118
Pediatric Sinus Rinse Starter Kit
Up to $4.99 SCR

Rebate #119
Simply Saline
Sinus Kit
Up to $6.99 SCR

Rebate #120
Warming Relief Liquid, 8.3 oz., any variety
Up to $3.99 SCR

Rebate #121
Excedrin Express Gels
Extra Strength or Tension, 20 ct.
Up to $3.99 SCR

Rebate #122
- Cough Syrup, 4 oz., or
- Congestion Spray, 6.7 oz., or
- Thin Strips, 14 ct., or
- Soft Chews, 18 ct., or
- Vapor Fan, 1ct.
Up to $3.99 SCR

Rebate #123
Children's Advil
Liquid, 4 oz., any flavor
Up to $3.99 SCR

Rebate #124
Children's Throat Cooler
Strawberry or Grape, 6 ct.
Up to $2.99 SCR

Rebate #125
Cherry Chest Rub for Kids, 1.76 oz.
Up to $2.99 SCR

Rebate #126
Little Colds / Little Noses
Little Noses Saline Mist, 1.7 oz. or
Little Colds Descongestant Plus Cough, 1 oz.
Up to $3.99 SCR

Rebate #127
Simply Saline
Allergy & Sinus Relief or Baby, 1.5 oz.
Up to $3.99 SCR

Rebate #128
Simply Saline
Nasal Mist Cold Formula, 3 oz.
Up to $4.99 SCR

Rebate #129
- Sniffles'n Sneezes 4 Kids, 125 ct., or
- Cough Syrup, 4 oz.
Up to $3.99 SCR

Rebate #130
Breathe Again
Adult or Child Nasal Spray, 3.3 oz.
Up to $7.99 SCR

Rebate #131
Zucol Coldcare
Original, Menthol or Orange Creme, 18 ct.
Up to $5.99 SCR

Rebate #132
Sambucol Immune System Booster
- Syrup, 4 oz, or
- Lozenges, 30 ct.
Up to $7.99 SCR

Rebate #133
Cough & Cold or Cold & Sinus, 20 ct.
Up to $3.99 SCR

Rebate #134
Bee M.D.
Natural Cough Drops, any flavor, 21 ct.
Up to $2.49 SCR

Rebate #135
Microvex Cold Sore Treatment, 0.07 oz.
Up to $8.99 SCR

Rebate #136
Cold Sore Relief Cream, 0.25 oz.
Up to $8.99 SCR

Rebate #137
Orajel Cold Sore Treatment
- Brush, 0.5 oz., or
- Overnight Patch
Up to $6.99 SCR

Rebate #138
Lip Conditioner 1 or 2-pack
Up to $2.99 SCR

Rebate #139
True Shimmer, 0.15 oz., any flavor
Up to $1.99 SCR

Rebate #140
Buckley's Cough Mixture or Chest Congestion, 4 oz.
Up to $3.99 SCR

Rebate #141
Nasal Spray, 0.5 oz.
Up to $3.99 SCR

Rebate #142
Throat Lozenges, 18 ct. or Sucrets Ice
Up to $2.99 SCR

Rebate #143
Chloraseptic Max
- Sore Throat Spray, 1 oz., or
- Max Wildberries Lozenges, 15 ct.
Up to $2.99 SCR

Rebate #144
Lizard Lips
Lip Balm, 0.15 oz
Up to $0.99 SCR

Rebate #145
LypMoisturizer, 1 ct
Up to $1.99 SCR

$3 coupon for rebate #116
NeilMed Pharmaceuticals, Makers of Sinus Rinse, NasaFlo Netipot, Nasal Irrigation

Coupon & Satisfaction Guarantee form for SCR #135

$1.50 Mail in rebate for SCR #137

$2 Mail in rebate for SCR #142

BOGO coupon for SCR #124

$2 Mail in rebate for SCR #130

$1 coupon for SCR #123

TheraFlu coupon
Excedrin coupon

I also have a PDF mail in rebate for Sambucol. Please let me know if you would like for me to send it to you via email. Or, if you know a way I can post it on here, let me know & I'll try to figure it out.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Birthday, little brother!

Happy 22nd birthday, "Brother Bear"! I'm sure you might already know it, but then again, you might not, but, you are one of my bestest friends in the entire world, and your neice & nephew think you're a pretty cool dude, too (along with a lot of other peeps I'm sure). Hope you had a good celebration at the fight & dinner before. I love you!

Be Careful!

My brother was sitting at his house (Fruitland) yesterday afternoon when there was a knock at the door. It was a young(er) black man who stated that he needed some $ for gas, his car had run out down the road w/ his "baby mama" in it. My brother stated he had no cash, but he had some quarters he could offer, and told the guy to wait outside. The man then proceeded to push his way into the house & sat on the couch. Roomate casually went to get his golf clubs, just in case. Then the young man followed my brother back to his room, all the while being told to stay outside. My brother gave the guy a handful of quarters, then told him to leave. He did, but then he went right to the next house & did the exact same thing. They called the cops just to give a statement in case something happened in the near future, it would be on record. The cops told them that a similar situation had happened last week to an elderly couple.

I have a cousin who lives in Princess Anne who had the SAME thing happen to her just last week....Except she was home alone w/ her young sons when the man came into her house "to use the phone" because his car had broken down/run out of gas. She told him she'd bring him the phone, and get her husband (who wasn't home), and he should wait outside. She returned to the window to show him a 9mm handgun and demanded he leave NOW. This only agitated him and he argued with her. It took the police over an hour to arrive!

LUCKILY, in these 2 situations, no one was hurt. This is SCARY! Please be aware of who you are answering your door to. Even if it seems harmless, it might not be. It's most definately an eye opener to me....since hearing of these 2 stories, I've heard even more, and not just things that happen at home, but even in public parking lots. With the way things are going in the world right now, it's only bound to get worse, so protect yourself, your family & your belongings when you're out & about!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I'm SOOOOO excited! I saw a post on a local community board yesterday in regards to some fall/winter clothes for my baby girl. I was able to get the lady down from her $35 asking price to $20, if I came to pick them up. I was excited, but not nearly as excited as I was once I got them home & out of the bag to be washed. The 2 trashbags she gave me have almost single handedly outfitted my daughter for this winter! And these clothes are absolutely ADORABLE & in EXCELLENT condition. I didn't find one piece in there with stains on it or rips/holes in it. They're in the dryer as I type, and since it's supposed to be pretty chilly tomorrow, Miss Caroline might even get to wear one of her new outfits to "school"!

Tomorrow night's the BIG night! It's "Showtime in Salisbury" with a live boxing match to be aired on Showtime, and I'm going to be attending. While I'm not a fan of boxing (really, why would you want to let someone beat the crap out of you, or you do the same to them?? Sorry, I just don't see what "fun" that might be), I'm very excited to be going to see local Fernando Guerrero go for his 10th win, and remain undefeated. This was my birthday present from my folks, and we're lucky enough to be going with my little brother & his girlfriend, to celebrate his own birthday that very night.

Hey, Walmart lady!

To the lady who I was parked next to at Walmart: That wasn't my cart you were pointing at & giving me nasty looks for leaving there. I walked mine over to the cart "garage" but I guess you didn't see it. Had I not had 2 small (& crying) children in the car waiting for my return, I would have walked that one over there as well, just because I hate it when someone leaves their cart right next to my car (yes, I am guilty of this sometimes, too).

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I got it!

I got the job I interviewd for in Wicomico! I kinda had a feeling I would, but hadn't heard anything official until today. My first day will be Nov 5. It's doing pretty much the same thing I'm doing now, just a different (busier) atmosphere, and a little closer to home. Although it's not more money, I figure I'll save around $150/week between gas & daycare costs, not to mention the time it will save me, being closer to home. Thanks to all those who said prayers!