Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dollar store trash & finds

I came across this article tonight on msn.com, and found it quite interesting. Click here to see what one author thinks are good & bad things to buy from Dollar stores. I won't say that I agree with everything he lists as "bad" buys, but for the most part, I do.

Do you shop Dollar stores? If so, what things do you think are a waste if bought there? What are your favorite things to buy there?

FREE dog food

Go here to sign up for a FREE bag of Eukanuba dog food.

Monday, September 28, 2009

$5/$25 Walgreens coupon

Thinking of doing some shopping at Walgreens this week? Try waiting for the end of the week so you can use this $5/$25 coupon in addition to others you might have as well...I no longer receive a Walgreens ad in my Sunday paper, so I have to wait until I go in the store to figure out the deals for you.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Halloween costume ideas?

Halloween is coming up fast...in fact, in just a little more than a month to be exact. It's hard to believe, because so soon after that comes Thanksgiving & Christmas.

What are your kids dressing up as for Halloween? Mine haven't made up their mind yet, but ideas have been tossed around (by my soon to be 4 year old son) of Darth Vader and Tinkerbell (that's what she was last year) for his little sister. He even thought about his daddy & I dressing up too, using a Scooby Doo theme, but Daddy wasn't too keen on that idea. Lucas is pretty set on being Darth Vader, so I'm off to find the best deal on the costume & accessories. Now I just have to figure out what Caroline will be...

The site called CouponTrunk is a neat little place, which allows you to search for coupon codes for just about any store imaginable. In fact, here's a post which is all about Halloween costume coupons for kids.

Rite Aid deals 9/27-10/3/09

Oral B toothbrush
$2.69 - $2.69 SCR = FREE

Crest toothpaste
$2.69 - $2.69 SCR - $1 manuf (9/27 P&G) = $1 MM!

Gillette Fusion razor
$9 - $5 SCR = $4 - $4 manuf (9/27 P&G) = FREE

Halls Refresh hard candy
Use BOGO in ad coupon
Use 50c manuf coupon

Softsoap body wash
$3.99 - $2 in ad coupon = $1.99 - $1 manuf (9/27 SS) = 99c

Bayer Breeze 2 glucose meter
$19.99 - $30 manuf = FREE

Nivea lotion
$5.99 - $1 SCR = $4.99 - $1 manuf (8/30RP) = $3.99

Nivea lip care
$2.99 - $2 SCR = 99c - $1 manuf = FREE

Luvs diapers
$9.99 - $2 SCR = $7.99 - $2 manuf = $5.99

Finish electrasol dishwasher detergent
$3.99 - $1.50 SCR = $2.49 - 75c manuf (8/30SS) = $1.74

Suave shampoo/conditioner
99c - $1/2 manuf = 2/$98c

First Response pregnancy test
$12.99 - $3 SCR = $9.99 - $3 manuf = $6.99

FreshDeals--price comparison website

If you do any amount of shopping online, you have got to check out this new website I came across the other day! It's called FreshDeals and allows you to search for anything (from computers to clothing to beauty items) you are shopping online for in order to find the best deal.

For example, if you check out my recent post about the AllerEase allergy pillow case cover I won, you can go to FreshDeals to find the cheapest place to purchase more, which is just what I did after only a few days of using the one I won. There's a place where you can look at questions others have asked about the particular product you're searching for, even adding your own response should you so choose. Not only can you search by product name, but also by price range.

Now that I am aware of this great website, you can bet that I'll be using it whenever I shop online, especially since the Christmas shopping season is coming up so fast! Check it out for yourself, it's bound to save you some money!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Product Review: AllerEase pillow protector

I recently won a $25 gift card & a standard size AllerEase pillow protector from a local radio station. I couldn't wait to get it home to try it out since we all suffer from allergies...I just had to decide who got to try it out. I ultimately decided on my daughter, since she seems to suffer the most from allergies while sleeping.

Did you know that the average bed contains 10 million dust mites, and the average pillow increases 10% in weight every 2 years due to dust mite feces alone? Ewwww! Asthma sufferers who are sensitive to allergens can benefit from limiting exposure to common household allergens, which the AllerEase line of products assits with.

The AllerEase pillowcase zippers around your pillow, so you don't have to worry about it coming off during the night. It's made of breathable material, which provides maxium allergen filtration while allowing air to move through the fabric, which means no sweating due to sleeping on a hot pillow, and no worries of your face sticking to a plastic covered pillow.

The AllerEase pillowcase acts as a barrier to microscopic particles, cat & dog dander, and fungal & mold spores, all of which can act as allergy triggers. It has the Good Houseleeping seal of approval and is also recommended by allergists.

After only a few days of using the pillow cover, I can already tell a difference in Caroline's sleeping & breathing. She's not so restless, and not as sweaty as she was before. As for her breathing, it doesn't seem so loud when I go in to check on her, which I can only attribute to the allergens in her pillow no longer agravating her while sleeping. Thank you, AllerEase!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Big Lots BuzzClub rewards program

Big Lots has begun a new rewards program for its frequent shoppers. The BuzzClub rewards program allows you to earn discounts good for 20% off future purchases.

As a member you will enjoy benefits such as: NO membership fee, exclusive offers and access to special events, emails of the weekly ads 2 days before non-members.

You can enroll at your local store starting September 25 or online NOW!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

October magazine coupons

The October magazine issues have started rolling in, so here are the coupons I've found. Please feel free to email me or post a comment with the ones you have found.

Page 25--$1 Maybelline New York lip
Page 107--$1 Revlon @ Target
Page 154 & 155—25% Kate Spade handbag
Page 154 & 155—FREE Prevage deluxe kit
Page 154 & 155--$25/$100 Armani Exchange
Page 154 & 155—20% Bare Escentuals
Page 154 & 155--$25/$50 Express
Page 154 & 155—2 FREE Calvin Klein panties WYB 2 bras @ Macy’s
Page 154 & 155—25%/$150 Ann Taylor
Page 154 & 155-$25/$100 H&M
Page 179--$10 Yaz
Page 215--$30/$100 Coldwater Creek

Woman’s Day 10/6/09 issue
Page 96 & 97—50c Frewnch’s French fried onions
Page 96 & 97-- $4 Glade Sense & spray
Page 96 & 97--$1/2 Glade sense & spray refills
Page 96 & 97—50c New York brand frozen product
Page 96 & 97—75c Marzetti caramel apple dip
Page 96 & 97--$1/2 Ziploc brand bags
Page 96 & 97--$1.50/2 Ziploc containers
Page 96 & 97—55c/2 Comstock Wilderness pie filling or topping
Page 96 & 97--$2 Windex outdoor all in one glass cleaning tool starter kit
Page 96 & 97--$1 Pledge fabric sweeper for pet hair
Page 96 & 97--$1.50/2 Pledge furniture care
Page 96 & 97--$1 Pledge multi surface
Page 96 & 97--$1.50 Skintimate
Page 96 & 97--$1.50 Tena overnight pads
Page 96 & 97--$2 Tena underwear
Page 96 & 97—FREE or $1 Marcal small steps paper towels, napkins, bat/facial tissue
Page 192--$1 MidNite or MidNite PM

Page 99—JC Penney portrait coupons
Page 56 & 57—Gymboree 20%
Page 56 & 57--$1.50 Tide stain release
Page 49—10% off almost everything at Diapers.com
Page 13--$1 up & up purchase @ Target
Page 21--$1 Babyganics item at TRU/BRU
Page 29--$2 Emfamil RestFull formula

Page 165--$30/$100 Coldwater Creek
Page 100 & 101--$1 Caress Beauty Bar/body was
Page 100 & 101--$1 Palmers Cocoa butter
Page 100 & 101—30c Qtip cotton swabs
Page 100 & 101—75c Red Baron pizza item
Page 105--$1 MidNite or MidNite PM item

Better Homes & Gardens
Page 33--$30/$100 Coldwater Creek
Page 49--$5/$25 True Value hardware store
Page 134 & 135--50c French's french fried onions
Page 134 & 135--$4 Glade sense & spray
Page 134 & 135--$1/2 Glade sense & spray refills
Page 134 & 135--50c New York brand frozen product
Page 134 & 135--75c Marzetti caramel apple dip
Page 134 & 135--$1/2 Ziploc brand bags
Page 134 & 135--$1.50/2 Ziploc brand containers
Page 134 & 135--55c/2 Comstock wilderness pie filling/topping
Page 134 & 135--$3 Windex outdoor all in one glass cleaning tool starter kit
Page 134 & 135--$1 Pledge fabric sweeper for pet hair
Page 134 & 135--$1.50/2 Pledge furniture care items
Page 134 & 135--$1 Pledge multi surface product
Page 134 & 135--$1.50 Skintimate
Page 134 & 135--$1.50 Tena overnight pads
Page 134 & 135--$2 Tena underwear
Page 134 & 135--FREE Marcal facial tissue/bath tissue/paper towels

All You 10/23/09 issue
Page 1--$2 Mybelline New York pulse perfection vibrating mascara
Page 9--$1 Sun Crystals sweetener
Page 12--$1 NYC New York color
Page 16--$6 in ConAgra foods w/ mail in receipt
Page 17--$1 Healthy Choice fresh mixers
Page 17--$1 Marie Callenders Home Style creations
Page 35--$1.50 Dove cream oil body lotion
Page 37--$3 Neutrogena Cosmetics
Page 41--$2 Infusium 23
Page 57--$1 Genesis Today Acai berry juice
Page 72--$3 Old Fashioned Thanksgiving DVD
Page 74—BOGO Rimmel eye & nail
Page 79--$10/$25 Fashion Bug
Page 81--$2 Miralax
Page 84--$3 Lost & Found Family DVD
Page 94--$1 La Choy creations
Page 97--$1 Hormel refrigerated entrees
Page 101—55c Splenda
Page 103--$2 Pepcid
Page 105—BOGO Vanity Fair plates
Page 117--$1 Little Debbie chocolate cupcakes
Page 119--$2 Hormel Compleats microwave meals
Page 125--$1 Gerber sippy cups
Page 125--$2/3 pk Gerber bottles
Page 127--$2 Carnation instant breakfast essentials
Page 130--$1 Cottonelle bath tissue
Page 130—50c Cottonelle flushable moist wipes
Page 132—75c Fast Fixin breakfast
Page 132—75c Fast Fixin frozen chicken
Page 134--$1 Smart Sips
Page 136--$1 Cake Mate Dessert decorations
Page 138—BOGO Pounce cat treats
Page 140--$2 Chili Master chili
Page 142--$2 Rachael Ray nutrish
Page 146--$2 Arm & Hammer vacuum Hepa filters
Page 146--$1 Arm & Hammer vacuum premium bags
Page 148--$1/2 Act II popcorn balls
Page 148—75c/3 Hunts tomatoes
Page 148--$1/4 Ro*Tel
Page 149--$1/4 Snack Pack pudding
Page 149--$1/3 Kid Cuisine meals
Page 149—50c Peter Pan peanut butter
Page 149—FREE Reddi-wip
Page 151—50c Halls Refresh
Page 153--$1 Nature Made
Page 155--$1 Smithfield marinated pork
Page 157--$1 Arrowhead, Poland Springs, Deer Park, Zeperhills, Ozarka, Ice Mountain water
Page 161—50c All You magazine
Page 161--$1 People magazine
Page 163--$2 Milk Bone Essentials Plus

Family Fun
Page 19--$3 Orajel toddler toothpaste & Leap Frog products
Page 38--$1/2 Nestle crunch miniatures

Page 49--$2 Enfamil RestFull formula
Page 142--$1/2 Nestle crunch minis
Page 162--$3 Walgreens infant formula 24oz+

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rite Aid deals 9/20-9/26/09

Not too much that appeals to me this week, but here are the deals I see:

Alberto V05 shampoo/conditioner
10/$10 - $5/10 SCR = 10/$5 -(3) $1/3 manuf = 10/$2

$6.99 - $6.99 SCR = FREE - $3 store coupon from RA website = $3 MM!

Nicorette 170ct
Use $10 in ad coupon
$5 SCR
Use $5 manuf coupon

Degree antiperspirant/deoderant
Use $1 in ad coupon
Use 75c manuf (9/13 RP)

$3.99 - $1 SCR = $2.99 - $2 manuf = 99c
Counts towards SCR #501

$4.99 - $1.50 SCR =$3.49 - $1 manuf = $2.49

Aquafresh Iso-active toothpaste
$3.49 - $1.50 SCR = $2.99 - $1 manuf = 99c

Duracell batteries
$11.99 - $2 in ad coupon = $9.99 - $1 manuf = $8.99

Huggies diapers
3/$33 - $10/3 SCR = 3/$23 - (3) $3 manuf = 3/$14
Submit for Caregivers Marketplace rebate = 3/$11.75

$11.99 - $2 SCR = $9.99 - $2 manuf = $7.99

Huggies baby wash/wipes
2/$5 - $1/2 SCR = 2/$4 - (2) 75c manuf = 2/$2.50

2/$11 - $3/2 SCR = 2/$8 - (2) $1 manuf (8/23 RP) = 2/$6

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rite Aid deals 9/13-9/19/09

Looks like a good week to me, lots of BOGO items! Don't forget that the Gift of Savings program starts this week, so all your purchases count towards the $100 limit to earn a $20 Rite Aid gift card!

Use (2) $1 IP

Tide 40-50oz
$5.99 - $1 manuf = $4.99

Garnier 100% Hair color
Use (2) $2 manuf (8/16 RP)

Playtex Tampons/Personal cleansing cloths
$2.99 - $1 IP = $1.99

Tylenol/Motrin 150-165ct
Use $4 in ad coupon
Use $2 manuf

Contour blood glucose meter
$19.99 - $30 manuf (3/22 SS) = FREE

Suave lotion/body wash/hair care
$1.99 - $1 SCR = 99c - $1/2 IP = 2/$1.98

Schick Intuition/Quattro razors
$6.99 - $4 manuf (8/30 SS) = $2.99

Colgate toothpaste
$1.99 - $1 manuf (8/30 SS) = 99c

Pampers mega pack
$14.99 - $2 SCR = $12.99 - $2 manuf = $10.99

Johnson's Baby care
$2.99 -$1 manuf = $1.99
Purchase 3, get $5 SCR
Purchase 5, get $10 SCR
Purchase 10, get $15 SCR

99c - $1 IP = FREE

Wet Ones
$1.99 - $1 IP = 99c - $1 SCR = FREE

Tide Stain Release
$3.99 - $1.50 manuf = $2.49

Air Wick I-motions/ultra freshmatic
50% off
Use $6 manuf (8/30 SS) should make it FREE or close to free

Duracell AA/AAA 12pk
$9.99 - $2 in ad coupon = $7.99 - $1 manuf = $6.99

Nabisco cookies
Use $2 in ad coupon
Use $1 manuf coupon

Friday, September 11, 2009

FREE books!

Zyrtec is offering a FREE children's book when you send in a UPC from any children's Zyrtec product. Go here for the form & requirements.

Lysol is also offering a FREE book when you send in a receipt that has any Lysol product. Send the receipt, UPC and 3x5 card that includes your name, daytime phone number, email address and mailing address to Lysol Book Offer, 557 Broadway, PO BOX 711, New York, NY 10012. Offer ends January 31st, 2010.

Thanks to Your Frugal Buddy for sharing!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Taking a break...

Labor Day is sacred around here...we have the SkipJack Festival to celebrate. It's a big time here on the Island, and to celebrate I'm taking a blogging break this weekend....I have a yard sale on Saturday & Monday, concert on Sunday, parade on Monday, and other fun activities throughout the entire day on Monday. See ya after Tuesday!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

FREE Blue Bunny ice cream

Blue Bunny has decided to celebrate Labor Day weekend by offering a rebate for several of their ice creams. Click here for details and the rebate form.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

NEW Gymboree Rewards Program

Click here to sign up for the new rewards program Gymboree has to offer!

You'll earn 1 point for every $1 you spend at Gymboree, Gymboree.com and Gymboree outlets.
Membership is FREE
$5 rewards certificates for every 250 points earned.
Special members only bonus point events
Exclusive access to special savings and promotions
Free class pass + $20 off enrollment at Gymboree Play & Music (new members only)

Plus, they're having a Labor Day sale where you can score items at up to 50% off AND earn "Gymbucks"

Jiffy Lube Rewards

I'm all about saving money, even on something like vehicle upkeep. Since it's something that you know you have to do in order to prolong the life of your vehicle, why not save a few extra bucks on it?!

Well, Jiffy Lube has a new rewards program that allows you to do just that, and without any coupons or cards! Simply go here, register each vehicle and start saving. I signed up this past weekend, and it's just in time, because my van is due for an oil change.

If you're not familiar with Jiffy Lube's services, see my older post in regards to their speedy service!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September magazine coupons

Here's a list of coupons I've found in the September issue of magazines thus far. Please feel free to email me or post a comment if you have others to add.

Family Fun
Page 100D--$1 Baby Orajel
Page 100H—JC Penney portrait coupons

Page 88 & 89—50c Totally Fruit 4 packs
Page 88 & 89-- $1 Palmer’s Cocoa butter
Page 88 & 89-- $1 Sara Lee pre-sliced meat
Page 161-- $1.50 Tide stain release
Page 161—20% Gymboree

Better Homes & Gardens
Page 231--$1.50 Tide Stain release
Page 231—20% Gymboree

Page 80--$1 Sara Lee pre-sliced meat
Page 80--$1 Marzetti dressing
Page 80-- $1 Palmers cocoa butter
Page 97-- $25/$100 Coldwater Creek
Page 160—50c Old Orchard healthy balance juice
Page 165--$25/$100 J. Jill
Page 176--$1.50 Tide stain release
Page 176—20% Gymboree

Inside cover--$10 Target GC with transfer/new Rx
Page 8--$1/2 Sole fruit bowls, gels, parfaits
Page 41--$3 WYB Orajel toddler training toothpaste & LeapFrog products
Page 48--$1 Sara Lee pre-sliced meat
Page 48—50c Totally Fruit 4 packs
Page 48--$1 Palmers Cocoa butterPage 97—JC Penney portrait coupons