Sunday, September 27, 2009

FreshDeals--price comparison website

If you do any amount of shopping online, you have got to check out this new website I came across the other day! It's called FreshDeals and allows you to search for anything (from computers to clothing to beauty items) you are shopping online for in order to find the best deal.

For example, if you check out my recent post about the AllerEase allergy pillow case cover I won, you can go to FreshDeals to find the cheapest place to purchase more, which is just what I did after only a few days of using the one I won. There's a place where you can look at questions others have asked about the particular product you're searching for, even adding your own response should you so choose. Not only can you search by product name, but also by price range.

Now that I am aware of this great website, you can bet that I'll be using it whenever I shop online, especially since the Christmas shopping season is coming up so fast! Check it out for yourself, it's bound to save you some money!

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