Saturday, February 28, 2009


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So.....Jennifer, you are the winner of my 100th post contest! I have sent you an email requesting your info, to which you must repond by Monday, March 2 by 10PM. If no reply has been received by that time, then I will choose another winner.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kmart shopping this week

Yestrday I ventured into Kmart with both kids in tow, to take advantage of their super doubles coupon promo going on this week. Before coupons, my total was $120, after it was $45!

Here's what I got:
Windex wipes $2.79 - $1 IP = 0.79 I also have a rebate for this to send in.
WD-40 $3.29 - $1.50 IP = 0.29
Gillette body wash $4.49 - $2 = 0.49 Have a rebate to send in for this as well.
Schick razors $5 - $2 = $1
Huggies wipes container $2.99 -$1 = 0.99
Swiffer duster starter kit $4.29 - $2 = 0.29

There was also a $5 off WYB $30 worth Huggies Pullups/Goodnites/Diapers (valid at Kmart only) in the diaper section, so I snagged one of those to go along with the $2 coupons I had for my 2 packs of Goodnites & 1 pack of Pullups.

For the love of coupons!

First, I must apologize for my lack of posting this week. Lucas has been sick since late Sunday night, though he seems to be on the mend today. Please pray that Caroline & I are spared (DH started this mess).

You might remember a post I did a while ago about a free subscription to Lego magazine...well, Lucas got his first copy in the mail yesterday & he thought he was hot stuff! This morning, he was laying on the couch looking through it again, and came to those little tear out/send in cards, and shouted "Coupons! For me! I love coupons, mommy!" Then, later he was sitting at my desk, cutting a piece of paper, saying it was his coupons. It makes me smile, knowing I've passed my love of coupons onto him.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Walgreens deals 2/22 - 2/28-09

Hershey's Candy BOGO w/ in ad coupon
Use BOGO manuf = 2 for FREE (YMMV)

Charmin toilet paper $3.49 w/ in ad coupon
Use $1/2 manuf coupon = $5.98/2

Hunt's Tomato Sauce 39c w/ in ad coupon
Use 40c/2 manuf coupon = .38/2

Resolve Carpet cleaner $3.99
Submit for $1.50 easy saver rebate = $2.49
Use 75c printable coupon = $1.74

Oust Air Sanitizer $2.99
Submit for $1 easy saver rebate = 1.99 (can submit both cans)
Use BOGO manuf coupon = 99c/2

Walgreens lotion 79c w/ in ad coupon

Dial hand soap BOGO
Use (2) 35c manuf coupon = $1.79/2

Loreal Excellence to go hair color $7.99
Use $2 easy saver coupon = $5.99
Use $2 manuf coupon = $3.99

Q-tips $1.99 w/ in ad coupon
Use $1/2 manuf coupon = $2.98/2

Degree deoderant/antiperspirant $1.99 w/ in ad coupon
Use $1.50/2 manuf coupon = $2.48/2

Walgreens nutritional drink $4
Submit $4 Easy Saver rebate = FREE

Stayfree/Carefree feminine products 2/$4
Use (2) $1 printable coupon = 2/$2

Pampers $9.99
Use $1.50 manuf coupon = $8.49

Reynolds wrap aluminum foil/wax paper 89c w/ in ad coupon
Use $1 manuf coupon = FREE w/ 11c overage

Excedrin $1.99
Use $1 manuf coupon = 99c
Get $1 register reward = FREE w/ 1c overage

Glade products 2/$3
Use $2/2 printable coupon (scented oil candle refill) = 2/$1
Submit for $2 easy saver rebate = $1 MM

Kmart Super Doubles 2/22 - 2/2/28/09

My Kmart is participating in the Super Doubles promotion again! Yeah! Here are some of the deals that jumped out at me from the sales circular:

Huggies/Pampers/Pullups/Goodnites $10.99
There are several manuf coupons out there ranging from $1-$2 to use, which could bring the price down to as low as $6.99. Submit to Caregiver's Marketplace for an extra savings on Huggies items.

Windex/Scrubbing Bubbles $2.79
Use $1 manuf coupon (doubled) = 79c

Schick razors $5
Use $2 manuf coupon (doubled) = $1

Renuzit Tri Scent $5
Use $5 manuf coupon = FREE

Crest toothpaste 2/$6
Use $1 manuf coupon (doubled) = 2/$2

Rite Aid deals 2/22 - 2/28/09

Not too much that caught my eye this week:

Garnier Wonder Waves shampoo/conditioner/mousse/hairspray
$2.99 - $2.99 SCR = FREE
Use $1 manuf coupon = $1 MM

Kotex pads/pantiliners/tampons
2/$6 - $2/2 SCR = 2/$4
Use 2 $1 manuf coupons = 2/$2

Xtra Laundry Detergent/Nice n Fluffy fabric softener
$2.88 - $1 SCR = $1.88

GE extra soft white lightbulbs 1-8 pack OR 2-4 packs
$4 - $3 in ad coupon = $1

Revlon face makeup or powder
$9.99 - $3 SCR = $6.99
Use $2 manuf coupon = $4.99

Stayfree/Carefree/OB feminine products
$2.99 - $1 in ad coupon = $1.99
Use $1 manuf coupon = 99c

Bic Soleil/Comfort 3 Advance razors
$4.99 - $2 in ad coupon = $2.99
Use $2 manuf coupon = 99c

Colgate Total Advance toothpaste
$3.99 - $1 in ad coupon = $2.99
Use $1.50 manuf coupon = $1.49

$4.99 - $4.99 SCR = FREE

Secret flawless antiperspirant/deoderant
$3.99 - $2 manuf coupon = $1.99

Friday, February 20, 2009

Madagascar 2/Hostess $4 rebate

Click here for a PDF form to get $4 back when you purchase Madagascar 2 & 2 packages of Hostess items. I bought this movie last week for my kids, and Lucas loves it. I got the double pack DVD, and used a $5 coupon on it, which I recently found in a magazine, so be on the lookout.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

100th post CONTEST!!!!

OK, I told you it was coming, so here it is!

To enter, simply leave a comment telling me how you found my blog.
For another entry, become a follower of my blog, then leave a comment that you have done so.
For a third entry, email 5 of your friends telling them about my blog (make sure you CC me on it: MAWebster92182 at verizon dot net). Make sure you also leave a comment when you do this.
You must do he first in order to be eligible for the additional entries.

Contest will close on Wednesday, Feb 25 at 10pm (EST). I will choose a winner using a number generator and post by Sunday, Feb 28.

Oh yeah, guess you wanna know what you're playing for, huh? Well, that's still to be decided. But, I can promise it will be a good one, with a minimum value of $25!

Random Thursday thoughts

There is a $5/$20 Rite Aid coupon here when you type in zip code 28523 in the upper left hand corner. You can print 2 per IP address, but it expires on Sunday, so hurry & print now.

Kmart is offering their Super Doubles promo again starting on Sunday, Feb 22, so go through your coupons now to gather all those you might want to use, up to $2. Here is a link for $5/$50.

Super Fresh is having triple coupons for 4 days only, from Friday through Monday. Again, now is the time to gather up those coupons. Jumping out at me in the sale paper was the Progresso soup for 99c, and the Pampers wipes (128-154ct) for $3.99

Super Giant has Progresso 10/$10, so I'm going to use my printables here since SuperFresh doesn't take them.

In response to Denny's free food giveaway after the superbowl, IHOP is giving away free pancakes on Tuesday, Feb 24 from 7a-10p.

I received an email last night from a dear friend in Baltimore. After reading it, I began to cry, because it touched me so much. I had written to her prior to Caroline's ear tube insertion, and she replied back that after reading my email, she had gone to church & lit candles for the children. Just thinking of her doing this makes me well up. To know that a complete stranger (well, almost) would do this for children whom she has never met in her life (and their mother only once!), says a lot about her as a person, and means more than she'll ever know. I can't wait to see her again when the family makes a trip up there sometime in March, hopefully. Lucy, if you're reading this, THANK YOU!

OK, so I've made my 100th post to the blog this week. I even found a site to make my background a little prettier. In celebration of my 100th post milestone, I'm hosting a contest, more details to come later, so be sure to check it out & enter! Tell your friends, too!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

FREE Victoria Secret Pink lotion

Click here for a printable coupon for a FREE Victoria Secret PINK lotion, no purchase necessary.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why multiple & printable coupons are important

Recently I was asked why using multiple coupons and printable coupons are important.

Printable coupons allow for savings on a larger variety of items. The inserts can only have so many coupons in them each week, or they would be too thick (hey, it would be ok with me!).

As far as using multiple coupons, or "stacking", this allows for a deeper savings on your item. It can also help you build a stockpile of frequently used items. Many stores allow "stacking" but not all, so it's best to check the individual store's corporate policy before hand, just to be sure.

Some of the tools I use to obtain printable coupons are HotCouponWorld's coupon database, and sites like A Full Cup, My Points, or

Monday, February 16, 2009

Coupon Karma

I was recently in Walgreens check out line. There was a gentleman behind me who was purchasing some batteries. I turned around to him and asked if he'd like a coupon for them. I know some people are way about using coupons, many times men especially. I was hesitant to ask for that reason, but also because I didn't want to offend the man. He gladly accepted the coupon I gave him, even though it was only for 75c off....Hey, a little is a lot these days.

If I am in a store and have multiples of a coupon I know I won't use before it expires, I will leave it on the shelf by the item so someone else can use it for their purchase.

Another day, I was in Target and there was a lady in there who had her coupon binders in the cart, looking for one to match her item. I was looking at something else, and digging through my coupon stash as well, thinking I had a coupon for the item in hand. Turns out I didn't, but the other lady did, so she gladly shared with me.

I truly believe that "coupon karma" is real. Have you shared your coupons in some random way?

Sunday, February 15, 2009


What ringtone(s) do you have on your cell phone? Not the "stock" ones that came pre-set on there, but ones you might have downloaded or obtained some other way.

Here are the ones I have:
Cars theme (Rascal Flatts)--Life Is a Highway
Chris Daughtry-- Over You
Toby Keith--Hottie
Heidi Newfield--Johnny & June
Sugarland--All I Want to Do
Build Me Up Buttercup
Colbie Callet--Bubbly
Transiberian Orchestra--Carol of the Bells
Play That Funky Music White Boy
Gary Allen--Watching Airplanes
Lost Trailers--Holler Back
Rehab--Bartender song
Hinder--Lips of an Angel
ESPN Sports Center theme

Super Giant deals 2/13-2/19/09

Here are the deals I've been taking advantage of:

Dannon yogurt 20/$10
Use B6G1 coupon here OR $1/10 manuf coupon

Cookie Crisp cereal $2.22
Use 75c printable here (doubles to $1.50 off)
Total OOP = 72c

Progresso soup 4/$5
Use 25c manuf coupon (double to 50c) OR 50c/2 (doubles to $1)

Walgreens deals 2/15-2/21/09

Revlon Lip Color BOGO
This sale includes the FAR Lip Creme, so buy 1 for $9.99, get another for FREE,
Use 2 $2 manuf coupons, pay $5.99/2,
Submit for ESR of $9.99
Total OOP = $4 MM

Airwick FreshMatic Kit $8.99
Use $4 printable coupon
Submit for $3 ESR
Total OOP = $1.99

Bic Soleil razors $4.99
Use $2 manuf coupon
Use $1 Easy Saver coupon
Total OOP = $1.99

Schick Quatro razors $8.99
Use $3 Easy Saver coupon
Use $2 manuf coupon
Total OOP = $3.99

Nicorette $44.99
Use $5 Easy Saver coupon
Use $5 manuf coupon
Total OOP = $34.99

Yes To Carrots 25% off
Lip balm sale price $2.76
Use $2 printable coupon
Use $1 Easy Saver coupon
Total OOP = FREE

Rite Aid deals 2/15-2/21/09

BOGO Hershey's/Reese's single serve candy bars
Use BOGO manuf to get 2 free (YMMV)

Nicorette gum
Use $10 RA coupon
User $5 manuf coupon

John Frieda items
Buy 1 get $1 SCR, Buy 2 get $3 SCR, Buy 3 get $5 SCR
I've found several of these items in the clearance section of my local stores
There are manuf coupons out there for these items as well

Duracell 12 pack AA/AAA batteries
$9.99 - $2 in ad coupon = $7.99
Use $1 manuf coupon = $6.99

Pampers jumbo pack diapers
$10.99 - $1.50 manuf coupon = $9.49

Serenity pads/underwear
$10.99 - $4 in ad coupon = $6.99 - $5 SCR = $1.99
Use $2 manuf coupon = FREE

Speed Stick/Lady Speed Stick
4/$9 - $5/4 SCR = 4/$4
Use 4 $1 manuf coupons = FREE

Softsoap 99c
Use $1 manuf = FREE

Suave shampoo 99c
Use $2/3 manuf coupon = 3/97c

Tide laundry detergent $5.99
Use $1 manuf coupon = $4.99

Rite Aid brand cough drops 2/$1
Use 50c printable found here to get both FREE

Old Spice deoderant 99c
Use $1 manuf coupon = FREE

I have also recently found some Revlon True Match items marked as clearance as well, which rung up at $1.98, and I used a $3 coupon on it, so it was FREE + a MM. I had other items in my purchase to help absorb the extra from the coupon though, so it wasn't an issue.

What a wonderful day!

Yesterday was our 5th anniversary! We spent the day celebrating with the kids, by spending it together as a family, making some outings to town.

Hubby had decided he wanted to take us for a "Handsome Cab Ride" (horse & carriage ride) so we headed to the park to check it out....well, when we got there, the horses were no where in sight. Needless to say he was a little bummed. So, we took the kids to the park & zoo to try to expend some of their energy. After about an hour and a half there, we packed them back up in the car, and headed off to Lowes. On our way out of the park, we spotted the horses, so we parked & went over to take our ride. It was lovely! Definately a sweet thing to do to celbrate Valentine's Day & our anniversary.

After that, we packed the youngin's back up in the car (Caroline slept through the entire horse ride), and headed off to grab a bite to eat, and then to Lowe's to pick out a pantry cabinet for the kitchen. I was a little bummed because the one I really wanted, is too tall for where we need to put it, so I have to find another one I like. After Lowe's, I ran into Rite Aid, and then we all went into WalMart to grab a few grocery items.

Because there were no naps for the most part, the kids retired to bed early last night, so hubby and I got to spend some quality time together before heading to bed ourselves. I must say, he gave me the most beautiful cards, with special messages written in both of them, and a small box of chocolates.

Happy Anniversary, sweetheart! I love you!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bring back the coupons!

As of February 1st 2009, RedPlum coupon inserts have been discontinued in many newspapers throughout major US cities. The Valassis Corporation, which distributes the RedPlum, does not realize how this will affect consumers like us and our ability to donate to the needy, keep our own pantry filled, and a host of other reasons.

Valassis has responded by saying that consumers can "now print coupons from their website," but the problem is that many stores refuse to accept internet printed coupons & this will limit how many coupons we can get.

Please join me & couponers from across the country fight this. Go here to post a comment on how this will negatively affect you and your family.

*Also, be sure to let the advertisers who use RP to distribute their coupons just how unhappy this has made you. The BringBackTheCoupons site has a page featuring ALL RedPlum advertiser contact links and a form letter you can use to easily do this.

CHEAP flatware/hostess set

Click here to order a set of flatware/hostess set for only $2.99 I ordered 2 sets & the total with shipping was just under $11! Site accepts PayPal, Bill Me Later, Google Checkout. Hurry though, not sure how long these will stay in stock.

Rite Aid Coupons

Click here for a $5/$20 coupn or here for a $10/$30 coupon. Valid today & tomorrow. Happy shopping!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Photobucket Meme

Found this on my friend Lisa's blog & wanted to play too.

What You Do:
1.Go to (don’t sign in).
2. Type in your answer to the question in the “search” box.
3. Copy the html and paste for the answer.

1. What is your relationship status?

2. What is your favorite color?
3. Who is your significant other?

4. What will you be doing tomorrow?

5. What is your favorite Disney princess?

6. What would you splurge on if you won the lottery?

7. What was the last thing you bought?

8. Where is your dream vacation?

9. What cell phone do you have?

10. What do you want to be when you grow up?

11. What do you love most in life?

12. What is your favorite food?

13. What is your least favorite food?

14. What is your favorite dessert?

Store coupon policies

Here are some store coupon policies for your information. Keep in mind these are coporate policies, and while all stores are SUPPOSED to follow them, doesn't mean they always do.

Rite Aid
NO internet printed coupons unless they bear the Rite Aid logo
Can "stack" store coupon + manuf coupon
Accepts JC Penney credit card as payment option
Has online rebate system

Can "stack" store coupon + manuf coupon
Has online rebate system with option to receive 10% additional when rebate is added to Walgreens giftcard
WILL accept internet printed coupons

Super Fresh
NO internet printed coupons
Has a baby club
Double coupons every day up to 99c (with store bonus card)
Can "stack" store coupon + manuf coupon
Limit of 4 identical coupons per transaction

Food Lion
Has a baby club
Can print store coupons from their website but NO "stacking" allowed
WILL accept internet printed coupons as long as they can be scanned by register

Super Giant
Double coupons every day up to 99c
WILL accept internet printed coupons
Some locations have self check out option

Can "stack" store coupon with manuf coupon
Can print store coupons from this website

Turn in your empty ink cartridges (Dell, Lexmark, HP & Epson brands) for $3 credit. Can turn in 3 each day, per person/rewards card.

Toys R Us/Babies R Us
Has rewards program now.
Can "stack" store coupon with manuf coupon

20% off Michael's coupon

Here's a link for a 20% off your entire purchase at Michael's valid today through Saturday. Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Almost Spring!

Yesterday was such a BEAUTIFUL day! We took full advantage of it & let the kids play outside while hubby & I worked in picking up the yard a little bit. Here are some pics of the kids playing:

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hot Coupon World has 19 survey sites that PAY!

Hot Coupon World has a list of 19 legit survey sites that PAY you with the added bonus of little to no spam. What a GREAT way to earn some extra money with little effort. As a participant myself, I do suggest creating a dedicated email address for joining such sites, just in case they do send the occasional email newsletter or reminder.

Click here to see the complete list that Hot Coupon World has created. Of those listed, I think MyPoints is my favorite, simply because you don't have to do a darn thing to earn points, other than click through the email(s) they send. Once you have accumulated enough points, simply "cash" them in for gift cards good at your favorite store(s)!

Walgreens deals 2/8-2/14/09

As much as I love Rite Aid, there are even better deals here this week--and just in time to spend my Wags rebate $ from last month!

Progresso soup 4/$5
Use $1.10 printable = 15c per can

Scrubbing Bubbles 2/$5
Use $3/2 printable - $2 ESR = FREE

Windex wipes 2/$5
Use $1.50 printable - $1 ESR = FREE

Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair 2/$7
Use $2 printable - $1 ESR = 2/$1

Drano 2/$7
Use $1.50 printable - $1 ESR = $1

Windex spray 2/$5
Use $1 printable - $1 ESR = $1/2

Schick disposable razors $4.99
Use $2 Wags coupon in Easy Saver booklet & $2 manuf coupon = 99c

Febreeze/Swiffer RR deal
Spend $10 get $2RR or spend $20 get $5 RR
Here's a link for a satisfaction guarantee in case you don't like the end result.

Gillette/Venus razor RR deal
Buy Venus Embrace/Spa Razor or Gillette Fusion Gamer razor at 8.99 get $6 RR
Use $2 manuf coupon for Venus or $4 Gillette manuf coupon
Buy Venus Embrace/Spa AND matching 4pack cartridges & get an additional $4 RR (I think there are also coupons for this as well)

Rite Aid deals 2/8-2/14/09

LOTS of great deals this week! Guess it makes up for a slow week last week. Please keep in mind that Rite Aid's policy is no printable coupons, but YMMV.

FreeStyle/Freedom Lite diabetes monitors $9.99
Use $9.99 manuf coupon = FREE

Nivea lip care $2.99-$2 SCR= 99c
Use $1 manuf coupon = FREE

Bayer Low Dose $1.99
Use $1 manuf coupon = 99c
Buy 3, get $10 gift card = $7.03 MM

GE CFL Lightbulbs 2/$4.50 - $1.50/2 SCR = 2/$3
Use (2) $1 manuf or printable coupons = $1/2

Drano $3.49 - 50c in ad coupon = $2.99
Use $1.50 printable coupon = $1.49
(Better deals available at Wags--see next post)

Windex/Pledge $2.99 - 50c in ad coupon = $2.49
Use $1 printable coupon = $1.49
(Better deals available at Wags--see next post)

Garnier hair products $2.99 - $2.99 SCR = FREE
Use $1 manuf coupon = $1 MM

Finesse shampoo $2.99 - $1.99 SCR = $1
Use 75c manuf coupon = 25c

Durex condoms $6 - $6 SCR = FREE
Use $2 manuf coupon = $2 MM

Buy Gillette Fusion razor get Gillette shave gel FREE
Use $5 manuf coupon for razor

Schick disposable razors $4.99
Use $2 manuf = $2.99

Hangover Defense = FAR

Garnier Nutrisse hair color $5.99 - $2 in ad coupon = $3.99
Use $2 manuf coupon = $1.99

Friday, February 6, 2009

National Wear Red Day!

Today is National Wear Red Day! A day for American's everywhere to take women's health to heart by wearing red to show their support for women's heart disease awareness by wearing the color red.

Some statistics:
Heart disease affects women of all races & ethnic groups
Heart disease is the #1 killer of women in Maryland
1 in 4 women in Maryland die of heart disease

The good news is that both men & women can lower their risk of heart disease up to 82% by leading a healthly lifestlye. Encourage your family, friends, and co-workers to wear red today to show their support for Women's heart disease awareness. Any red works; a dress, shirt, jacket, scarf, tie, pin.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Say a little prayer

This morning, Caroline goes in to have tubes put in her ears & some allergy testing done. Poor girl has had a constant (almost) ear infection since November, so hopefully this will help to put an end to that. She's only supposed to be "out" for 15 minutes, but I will be a nervous wreck, no doubt. I've been told that kids generally bounce back pretty quickly after this type of procedure, and she should be ready & able to go back to daycare tomorrow, so let's hope it rings true for us. Please say a little prayer that everything goes smoothly & helps to prevent any further ear infections.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

FREE McDonald's cafe drink

During the entire month of February, McDonald's is offering a FREE medium size McCafe drink (late, cappuccino, hot chocolate) with any breakfast sandwich purchase. I figure the average price for these types of drinks is approximately $2, so that's $56 in FREE caffeine drinks! Granted, you'll have to spend a little on breakfast sandwich, but you can get a cheap one for around $1.50 (egg & cheese biscuit/bagel).

HotCouponWorld Valentine's Day Wishlist Contest

Recently, I was chosen to participate in a new program to promote happenings over at HotCouponWorld. This post is the first of (hopefully) many that you might see, offering opporunities for savings and/or contest entries.

This contest opportunity lets 5 members of HotCouponWorld choose their Valentine's Day gift, up to $50 (they'll even cover the shipping cost over the $50!). You must be a registered member of HotCouponWorld, but not to worry, even brand new members are eligible to win! If you're not already registered, please go here to do so. Enter to win by 2/13/09 at 12 midnight (Pacific time). For more details, please click here.

Good Luck everyone! If you don enter, be sure to post a comment so we can all be on the look out for you!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

FREE Denny's Grand Slam breakfast TODAY!

Every guest from 6AM - 2PM on Tuesday will receive 1 free Grand slam, and 1 free coupon book with 8 coupons in it. Each coupon book has 4 BOGO's, 2- 25% off coupons, 1 coupon good for free dessert , and 1 coupon good for a free order of pancake puppies. Each Denny's in the US received 1,000 of these coupon books to hand out to guests on Tuesday 2/3/09 who order a free Grand Slam.

Per Denny's Corporate, every store also received 500 Grand Slam rain check coupons. Denny's has instructed each manger to hand these rain checks out good for a free Grand Slam to any guest who can't wait. Denny's spent 3 million on the Super Bowl ad, and tons more on a full page ad this coming Monday in USA Today. They are taking this very seriously and instructing all stores to staff as if it's a major Holiday and for the staff to be as friendly as humanly possible.