Monday, February 16, 2009

Coupon Karma

I was recently in Walgreens check out line. There was a gentleman behind me who was purchasing some batteries. I turned around to him and asked if he'd like a coupon for them. I know some people are way about using coupons, many times men especially. I was hesitant to ask for that reason, but also because I didn't want to offend the man. He gladly accepted the coupon I gave him, even though it was only for 75c off....Hey, a little is a lot these days.

If I am in a store and have multiples of a coupon I know I won't use before it expires, I will leave it on the shelf by the item so someone else can use it for their purchase.

Another day, I was in Target and there was a lady in there who had her coupon binders in the cart, looking for one to match her item. I was looking at something else, and digging through my coupon stash as well, thinking I had a coupon for the item in hand. Turns out I didn't, but the other lady did, so she gladly shared with me.

I truly believe that "coupon karma" is real. Have you shared your coupons in some random way?


That redheaded one said...

We Only buy one brand of cat food but our grocery store keeps handing us coupons for another brand that we can not use due to some of the ingredents in the other brand. I always go back to the Isle with that cat food and Put the coupons up next to the cat food or hand the coupons to someone who does use the brand.

Jamie said...

I always leave coupons on the shelf by that item if I am not going to use it. I also hand them to others especially in restaurants. I do pick them up off the shelf if I can use it, but have never had anyone hand me a coupon in a store. I'm more into coupons than most of my friends/family so I am happy to pass them along if I can't use it.