Thursday, October 2, 2008


I'm SOOOOO excited! I saw a post on a local community board yesterday in regards to some fall/winter clothes for my baby girl. I was able to get the lady down from her $35 asking price to $20, if I came to pick them up. I was excited, but not nearly as excited as I was once I got them home & out of the bag to be washed. The 2 trashbags she gave me have almost single handedly outfitted my daughter for this winter! And these clothes are absolutely ADORABLE & in EXCELLENT condition. I didn't find one piece in there with stains on it or rips/holes in it. They're in the dryer as I type, and since it's supposed to be pretty chilly tomorrow, Miss Caroline might even get to wear one of her new outfits to "school"!

Tomorrow night's the BIG night! It's "Showtime in Salisbury" with a live boxing match to be aired on Showtime, and I'm going to be attending. While I'm not a fan of boxing (really, why would you want to let someone beat the crap out of you, or you do the same to them?? Sorry, I just don't see what "fun" that might be), I'm very excited to be going to see local Fernando Guerrero go for his 10th win, and remain undefeated. This was my birthday present from my folks, and we're lucky enough to be going with my little brother & his girlfriend, to celebrate his own birthday that very night.

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Kat's Credence said...

Good find on the clothes!!!! Enjoy the fight tonight! We were going to go for John's b-day but he decided he didn't want to. I was raised in the Tyson/Holyfield era, so I love boxing!