Friday, October 3, 2008

Be Careful!

My brother was sitting at his house (Fruitland) yesterday afternoon when there was a knock at the door. It was a young(er) black man who stated that he needed some $ for gas, his car had run out down the road w/ his "baby mama" in it. My brother stated he had no cash, but he had some quarters he could offer, and told the guy to wait outside. The man then proceeded to push his way into the house & sat on the couch. Roomate casually went to get his golf clubs, just in case. Then the young man followed my brother back to his room, all the while being told to stay outside. My brother gave the guy a handful of quarters, then told him to leave. He did, but then he went right to the next house & did the exact same thing. They called the cops just to give a statement in case something happened in the near future, it would be on record. The cops told them that a similar situation had happened last week to an elderly couple.

I have a cousin who lives in Princess Anne who had the SAME thing happen to her just last week....Except she was home alone w/ her young sons when the man came into her house "to use the phone" because his car had broken down/run out of gas. She told him she'd bring him the phone, and get her husband (who wasn't home), and he should wait outside. She returned to the window to show him a 9mm handgun and demanded he leave NOW. This only agitated him and he argued with her. It took the police over an hour to arrive!

LUCKILY, in these 2 situations, no one was hurt. This is SCARY! Please be aware of who you are answering your door to. Even if it seems harmless, it might not be. It's most definately an eye opener to me....since hearing of these 2 stories, I've heard even more, and not just things that happen at home, but even in public parking lots. With the way things are going in the world right now, it's only bound to get worse, so protect yourself, your family & your belongings when you're out & about!

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