Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shopping this week

I'm going to be making a few stops this week....Here's what's on my list:

Raincheck for the Quaker instant oatmeal $1.99 from last week, use $1 IP = $0.99/box
Raincheck for electrasol $3.49 from last week, use $2.50 manuf, submit for $1.50 rebate = $ maker
Garnier hair products $2.99, use $2 ES, use $1 manuf = FREE
Car air fresheners FAR (they were out last week)
Orajel FAR, submit for manuf rebate up to $8.49 = $ maker
Revlon, use $2 manuf = FREE or very cheap makeup and/or tools
Halls cough drops $0.99 w/ ad coupon, use 50c manuf = $0.49
Pepsi products--Buy 5/$15 get $5 RR, also submit for Pepsi manuf rebate
Oust air freshner BOGO, use BOGO manuf = 2 for FREE
Aquafresh $2.99, use $1 IP, use $2 ES coupon = FREE
Aquafina 24pack $4.49, use $1 ES coupon = $3.49

Rite Aid
Pepsi products--Buy 3/$10.98 (in ad coupon) get 1 FREE, submit for manuf rebate
Freestyle diabetes meter $9.99, use $20 manuf = FREE This also has an in-box rebate, but I've found that normally when you use a coupon to get the item for free, the manuf rebate is denied, but YMMV
Excedrin $1.99, use $2 manuf = FREE
Huggies $9.99, submit for $2 SCR, use $1.50 manuf, submit for Caregivers Marketplace rebate ($1/package), buy $30 of Kimberly Clark items get $10 RA gift card
Electrasol $4.49, use $2.50 manuf, submit for $2 SCR = FREE
Reese Whips 2/$1, use $1/2 manuf = 2 FREE
Don't forget to use the $5/$25 coupon from signing up on the RA website

Colgate toothpaste $1.69, use $1.50 manuf = $0.19 (thru Monday only)
Rachel's exotic yogurt, use $1/3 manuf, use Easy Solutions coupon
Kotex Lightdays, use $0.75 manuf (doubles) = FREE (every day)
Loreal kids shampoo, use $0.75 manuf (doubles), I'm hoping to find some that's on clearance, so I'll get it super cheap, or maybe even free
Wet Ones, use $0.75 manuf (doubles)
Suave deoderant, use $0.75 manuf (doubles) = FREE (ever day)
Green Giant veggies, use $0.50 manuf (doubles)

Is having super doubles, so they'll double manuf coupons up to $2....I have a whole stack of things I'll be looking for, price comparing, and buying if the price is right....My goal is to not spend over $20 for the things I'll be buying.
I'll also be transferring a prescription there & earning a $10 GC (from today's sale paper), so I should be able to put that to my purchases.

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Janelle said...

I really wish we had a Rite-Aid around here. There are so many great deals to be had at that store! I have Walgreens and CVS, and I'm very glad for both of those, but can't we have just one more?? :-)