Thursday, January 29, 2009

"You take Mommy to jail?"

OK, I admit it, I fact, I got pulled over earlier this week one evening on my way home from work. I knew I was speeding, and I had a feeling it was a police officer in the car coming towards me. My "feeling" was confirmed when the car pulled to the shoulder of the road, and quickly turned around, lights flashing. I pulled over on the shoulder, flicked the overhead light on, rolled my window down & proceeded to dig for my license & registration.

Lucas saw the flashing lights, heard me say a "potty word" (it starts with S_ _ _), and as I was digging for the necessary items, asked if the cop was "going to take Mommy to jail?" The police man must have heard his inquisitive-ness as he approached my window, because he asked my son what he'd said. When I repeated it, the policeman replied "Not tonight, that's too much paperwork" and chuckled a bit. While Mr Policeman went back to his car to run my information, Lucas was a bundle of questions, one right after another.

Luckily, I got just a warning this time, but really, I think Lucas' questioning really helped me this time around. I even turned around to thank him while Mr Policeman was still at my window.

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