Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year to Date savings

Like last year, I began keeping track of the # of coupons I used in each shopping trip, as well as the total amount spent and total amount saved using coupons. Check out last year's numbers here.

In 2009, I spent a total of $8525.96 and saved $7712.22 using coupons. I purchased 4475 items and redeemed 2573 coupons throughout the year.

In addition to my coupon savings, I also tracked rebates I earned $1809.75, and giftcards I redeemed $956.07.

For 2010, I plan on also tracking the amount saved when using re-useable bags, granted this amount won't be high, but every little bit helps, not to mention it's GREAT for the environment. I am also going to change the way I track my giftcards, because I know for a fact that I've redeemed more than what I posted, just didn't track where (fast food purchases mostly). So, instead of tracking how much I redeem, I will track them as I receive them.


jennH said...

woo hoo!! that's awesome girl! is this your total grocery bills? or just the ones you used coupons on??

MelissaW said...

No, Jenn, this doesn't include ALL my grocery trips, just those that I used coupons on. But, it also includes non-grocery stores as well (TRU, JC Penney, Rite Aid, Walgreens, etc)