Monday, July 19, 2010

Coupon savings tracker

Have you ever wondered just how much you really save when you use coupons? Personally, I have a spreadsheet that I use to calculate all my savings, but there is a FREE program out there called Grocery Alerts and is just about as simple as you can get. It works through Facebook, so you have to have an account, but all you do is enter in the amount you saved from your receipt, the store name, and the purchase date. Check it out!


jenn h said...

have you been using this? Looks pretty cool ... i wanna make sure there are no catches :)

MelissaW said...

Jenn, I used it before I posted about it. But, since I already have my own spreadsheet that I track this info (+ some other info) in, I tend to just stick it in there. Perhaps I will use this after the new year.

Lindasy Rosenwald said...

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