Saturday, October 30, 2010

November magazine coupons!

Here's a list of coupons I've found in November magazines. As always, feel free to leave a comment with any you may have found.


Page 63--20% off $40+ purchase at Carter's
Page 73--20% off diapers at
Page 101--$10 Thomas & Friends wooden railway early engineers line
Page 109--JC Penney portraits
Page 131--$10/$25 children's apparel/shoes at JC Penney

Real Simple
Page 90-91--$25/$100 J Jill
Page 57—15% Eddie Bauer
Page 127--$1 V8 soup

Woman’s Day 11/1/10

Page 108--$1 V8 soup
Page 112--$1 MidNite/MidNite PM
Page 165--$1 Ronzoni smart taste pasta

Page 135--$1 Cheer detergent

Woman's Day 11/17/10

Page 20-21--75c Sara Lee cheesecake
Page 20-21--55c/2 Comstock or Wilderness pie filling/topping
Page 20-21--$1.50/2 Pledge
Page 20-21--$1/2 Marcal Small Steps paper products

American Baby

Page 25--Sears portraits
Page 49--JC Penney portraits

Page 161--$1 Cheer detergent

Page 39--$2 Tide Stain Release
Page 54-55--20% off Crazy8
Page 54-55--20% off Gymboree
Page 61--$1 V8 soup
Page 63--20% off Bed Bath & Beyond
Page 79--20% off diapers @
Page 91--$1 Ronzoni smart taste pasta
Page 155--$10 rebate WYB Disney's Oceans & 1 Brita pitcher/faucet filtration system
Page 170-171--Sears portraits
Page 192--55c/2 gallons Nursery Water
Page 207--JC Penney portraits

Good Housekeeping
Page 189--$10/$25 Catherine's
Page 196-197--75c Sara Lee cheesecake
Page 196-197--40c Domino sugar item 4-5lb
Page 196-197--30c Domino brown/confectioners sugar 2lbs
Page 196-197--$1/2 Marcal Small steps paper items
Page 196-197--$1.50/2 Pledge
Page 227--$1 MidNite/MidNite PM

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