Sunday, January 9, 2011

January magazine coupons

Parenting Dec/Jan 2011
Page 36-377--$5 Leapster Explorer/Leapster game $19+
Page 36-37--$3 Leapfrog Tag book/map $9+
Page 74-75—20% Gymboree
Page 74-75—FREE class @ Gymboree
Page 83—20% off diapers @
Page 95—20% Crazy8

Baby Talk Dec/Jan 2011
Page 13—Sears portraits
Page 39—15% Baby Depot

Family Fun Dec/Jan 2011

Page 64--$3 Tag book $9+
Page 64--$5 Leapster game $19+
Page 73--$25/$75 @ Express

Family Circle

Page 45—50c Eggland’s Best
Page 137--$1 V8 soup

Real Simple

Page 91--$1 V8 soup
Page 159--$1 Real Simple magazine

Good Housekeeping
Page 102--$1 MidNite sleep remedy
Page 164—50c Eggland’s Best
Page 172--$1 MidNite/MidNite PM

Page 111--$5 Last Airbender Blu-ray combo pack

American Baby
Page 23--$5 Mederma stretch marks therapy 150g package
Page 25—20% diapers @
Page 41—Sears portraits
Page 63--$1/5 Earth’s Best baby food jars
Page 69—15% Baby Depot

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Connie said...

Hi, I recently came across your blog and have been following you. I am fairly new to "couponing" and I am trying to figure this whole thing out!!! Anyways, it also looks like you live around Salisbury MD from what I can tell?? Funny because so do I! I Was born and raised in Salisbury. I recently had my 1st child in October. I see that you will be welcoming a little one soon. Hope everything goes well!! Feel free to visit my blog (I am very new at it!)