Saturday, April 9, 2011

Walgreens coupon policy

In case there are some Walgreens shoppers who follow, here's a link to their coupon policy. I don't do too much shopping there, mainly because I don't get their sales flyer in my Sunday (or Wednesday) paper, but also because every time I have been in there & used coupons, I get dirty looks & the registers have issues so it takes ten forevers to check out.


Anonymous said...

I also got a dirty look yesterday when I used a coupon that I printed from my pc. The guy @ foot locker gave me the look. Lol 

pinkonyx said...

hi i was at walgeens in salisbury md and and the woman ringing my order said to me "o your legally stealing" whos nelly after a few choice words and reming her that i bought the paper i then call out the manager!!! does she not know that in the coupon game they r fighting words lol