Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ThredUP--online kids clothing swap

I've posted about ThredUP before, but if you haven't already done so, you have GOT to check this site out! Did you know that the average family can save over $500 a year just by swapping clothes your child(ren) has outgrown?!

Since joining in November (2010), I have sent 16 boxes of clothes & toys that my kids have outgrown to another family for their child to enjoy. I have chosen 10 boxes for my family to receive, and have also been able to donate some of my "picks" to military families and other families in need after some of the recent natural disasters in our country.

Right now, ThredUP is offering a $5 credit when you post a box of gently loved books for someone to choose from. This is on top of getting your first box FREE! Plus, you can send a new mom a box for only $2.95! It's FREE to join, and costs you nothing to send your boxes when someone chooses them.

What are you waiting for, check it out!!!!

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