Monday, April 20, 2009

CHEAP Family Fun magazine subscriptions!

Family Fun magazine currently has an offer where you can purchase a year (10 issues) subscription for only $5! The "catch" is that you have to buy 4 subscriptions, for a total of $20. Now obviously, you can't use 4 subscriptions yourself, but it's a great chance to give a CHEAP gift to your friends/family, or maybe daycare or maybe even church. After flipping through a co-workers copy, I decided to purchase 5 subscriptions (including one for our house): 2 bloggy giveaway winners, the kids' daycare, and a friend. Go here to check it out!


Tracy said...

are you giving them away on here?

MelissaW said...

Not now...I used them as prizes to 2 previous bloggy winners, and may again in the future. Stay tuned!