Monday, June 29, 2009

How to find FREE stuff!

Thanks to the internet, it’s pretty simple to find a wide variety of products & services that are completely FREE, without much effort on your part. Obviously, scoring free things are great for your purse, but are also great for the environment, because it cuts down on waste that ends up in the landfills.

There are dozens of websites dedicated to helping you find a new home for your un-wanted items, such as FreeCycle & Craigslist. You can even tap into the Local Reuse application on your iPhone for another outlet. Before you throw it out, remember, “One man’s trash is another’s treasure!”


Free samples/Trials/Giveaways/Promotional Items

The Free Site

Start Sampling

Free Stuff Channel

Trade children’s items you no longer want/need at:

Swap Baby Goods

Tots Swap Shop



CouchSurfing connects travelers with hosts around the globe. The result: You both get a free place to stay & locals to hang out with for an inside glimpse of other cultures.

Use Digsville, Home Base Holidays, HomeExchange, and Home Link to find traditional home-exchange opportunites.

Want to score some free (or cheap) drinks while you’re traveling to New York, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Chicago, Honolulu or Miami?! Try MyOpenBar for some ideas of where to go.





You can get FREE new jewelry at Silver Jewelry Club. This jewelry manufacturing company is trying to get the word out about their designs, but you will be responsible for the shipping cots.

Visit Swapstyle for an outlet to trade clothes, accessories, shoes & even cosmetics.


Looking for a place to trade/barter? Check out U-Exchange, where you can trade anything from babysitting & calligraphy lessons to pianos & foosball tables to cars & boats.

Favorpals is all about helping you trade skills & favors. Clean someone’s house in exchange for dog walking or tutoring.

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