Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gevalia coffee maker deal!

Are you or someone in your house a coffee drinker? If so, you have got to try this Gevalia coffee maker deal that's currently available.

Try 4 half pound boxes of Gevalia caffe & get a FREE programmable 12 cup stainless steel coffee maker AND a 14oz travel mug! It's an approximate value of $130 delivered to your home for ONLY $19.95! It's all yours to keep with no further obligation.

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monkeyDluffy said...

I thought I was buying a coffee maker which would be very convient for my mother. I did not realize how hard it was for her to get these. Not everyone shops on line, especially at age 76. She lives in another state, in a rural area and is just too hard for her to find these.
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