Saturday, September 11, 2010

"Girl Day"

The guys went off fishing together early this morning, so Caroline & I took advantage of this and had a "girl day" Our "girl day" consisted of breakfast at McDonald's drive through (apple juice & hash brown for her, bacon/egg/cheese bagel for me), a trip to the farmer's market for some fresh veggies, a stroll through the local flea market to check out the yard sale goodies available, and then a short trip to Walmart for a few groceries.

At the farmer's market, we managed to get some fresh green beans, sweet potatoes & some tomatoes for daddy. Caroline had taken her own brown bag to put her goodies in, and got a little upset when the man handed me a plastic bag with the veggies in it, so I had to remove the tomatoes so she could carry her yummies. I've already cut the sweet potatoes up to make them into candid sweet potatoes for dinner tonight (not everyone here likes them, so that just means more for me!).

We rocked the flea market this morning, which excited me! We got a new (to us) umbrella stroller for $3. We were really in need of one since our old one pretty much went ka-plooey last weekend. I got some brand new Purex-3-in-1 laundry sheets for $2, 4 Disney books for 25c each, and this adorable snow man hanging for only a quarter!
Walmart was a quick trip, no more than half an hour...Good thing, because it looks like I wore little miss out! Notice the half-eaten doughnut by her hand...she ate all the icing & sprinkles off the top before heading off to dream land--Mommy's girl for sure!

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