Saturday, November 20, 2010

Don't think I need any toothpaste for a while...

As you can see by the picture, I don't think I need to buy any toothpaste for a while....Good thing the Holidays are right around the corner & there are all kinds of charities in need of such things.

I was in Rite Aid yesterday, headed out of the store when I walked by a display of the toothpaste for 99c. I knew I had several $1 coupons that were getting ready to expire, so I dug them out. Turns out several = 17!

For being that close to $25, knowing I had a $5/$25 coupon to use, I decided to throw some extras in my cart as well, hence the reason you see 3 magazines (my "trash" reading material) and the mitten door decoration, which was 50% off regular price. I had forgotten that with my Wellness card I would get an extra 20% off regular price of the toothpaste, so really, each tube was 79c for me. Good thing they have magazines right by the register for me to grab at the last minute to help reach my $25 "goal" After all was said & done, I paid $6.xx out of pocket for everything you see here!

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