Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Super Fresh "Your Bucks" program

After a recent quick trip to Super Fresh, I received a printout advertising a new program being offered by Super Fresh, called "Your Bucks" The program allows you to customize your loyalty savings card to certain areas of great interest (baby, health/wellness, grocery, etc). Plus, when you first sign up, you will receive a $2 bonus checkout coupon at your next store visit (takes approximately 3 days after registering online for coupon to print in store). Click on the link above to find out more details and/or to sign up.

1 comment:

andy said...

I wonder why this "your bucks" program is being kept such a secret.

I already love zavers, so this is yet another way to save at
My store with more. . . savings, value, selection, quality.

I love my Super Fresh.