Friday, April 27, 2012

Earn $ with Jingit!

With Jingit, you can earn real cash, instantly for watching ads online; or checking in and shopping for select products at your favorite stores; even for giving your feedback to leading brands by taking brief surveys. In return, those brands get your attention!  This is the real deal...Jingit is real cash in real time! 

It’s a snap to start:  Simply sign in with your existing Facebook account, then complete the 30 second registration process and start earning. No social security numbers required, and Jingit will not sell or share your personal info.

Earn online by watching videos, giving feedback, earn instant cash. It really is that easy. So any time you see an ad with the Jingit logo online — at or on their partners’ sites — click on it!  That ad pays you!
Earn on the Go The same content and earning that takes place online takes place on your smart phone or tablet. Plus, you can download the app and earn even more by checking in at your favorite stores.

Spend instantly with the Jingit Visa debit card.  Your cash is safer than ever, with Jingit’s trusted financial partner US Bank. The Jingit Visa debit card is easy and affordable, and it also allows you to track your spending!

Walmart is inviting customers to join the fight against hunger. You can help provide meals to families in need by purchasing select products in Walmart stores or by visiting Walmart's Facebook page to vote for one of 200 communities to receive $1 million to fight hunger. Walmart will also give $50,000 to 20 communities with the next highest amount of support


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Thanks for the post. I had been looking for something related and found your web site in the process.. I will definitely be back for more.

Anonymous said...

I found a coupon on jingit for a 3 dollar rebate when I spend 15 on a pack of diapers. If I get a pack of diapers for 5 dollars (15 before coupons) will this work, thus making the diapers 2 dollars?

MelissaW said...

I would say that unless the rebate states that you must spend $15 after coupons/discounts, then it should be ok.