Thursday, October 4, 2012

BINGO time!

Time for a game!  How about some online BINGO?!

Below you will find a list of coupon-related words.  Choose any 15 of them.  Email your list to me at NO LATER THAN 10pm October 14, 2012.  In the subject line, please put your first name, last initial & BINGO (ex. Melissa W BINGO).   Late entries will NOT be accepted.  

Game will begin on Oct 15 & run until someone has crossed off all the words on their list.  I will post 1 word each day on both the blog & my Facebook page.   It is your responsibility to check it & cross off your words.  Once all 15 of your words have been “called” send me an email with BINGO! in the subject line.  First person to do so (time stamp will count if more than 1 person gets BINGO on the same day) will be declared the winner.  In order to be fair, the word will be chosen randomly by a # generator, and the corresponding word on the list will be the word for the day.  Winner will receive a prize, to be determined prior to the of October.  Once decided, I will post what the prize is on the blog.  Good luck!

1.  binder
2.  blinkie
3.  blog
4.  BOGO
5.  catalina
6.  counterfeit
7.  coupon
8.  donate
9.  double
10.  ECB
11.  expire
12.  extreme
13.  filler item
14.  free
15.  hang tag
16.  insert
17.  manufacturer
18.  October
19.  price match
20.  policy
21.  printable
22.  rain check
23.  rebate
24.  rewards
25.  Rite Aid
26.  sale
27.  savings
28.  scissors
29.  stacking
30.  stockpile
31.  tear pad
32.  trade
33. Walgreens

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