Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Be a Smart Shopper--part II

I recently posted about what items you can save on during certain months of the year, but here are some items that you can save on throughout the year.

Airline tickets—Check for the best deals on Wednesday morning, when sites post their new deals

CDs/DVDs—New releases come out on Tuesdays, and many stores offer a discounted price during that first week

Groceries—Try to hit the store in the early morning, or late evening when the crowds are smaller. Avoid lunchtime and from 430-630p when people are grabbing things for dinner while on their way home from work. Also, go early in the week to get sale items before they run out of stock.

Movie tickets—Go before 5p to get matinee pricing.

Jewelry—Avoid peak selling seasons of Valentines Day & Mother’s Day.

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Angela James said...

Airline prices actually fluctuate all over the place at any time during the week, not just Wednesdays, anymore. I've had a ticket price change in a two hour span. You pretty much need to watch airline ticket prices daily to get the best deal.