Saturday, May 9, 2009

KFC coupon debacle

Apparently with Oprah's "blessing" of this product, there was an overwhelming response to the coupon redemption, and KFC has suspended their accepting of it. However, if you had a chance to print it out, not to worry, they will still honor it, but in the form of a raincheck. All you have to do is take your coupon into a KFC, fill out a small form & turn it back in, with your coupons attached. Your rain check will be for the meal + a drink, which the coupon didn't include. You can go here for more details. Each household is able to redeem 4 coupons for rain checks. Reportedly, there are still some KFC locations honoring the coupon, so you might just get surprised when you go in for a rain check & are still able to redeem your coupon.

**EDIT: Amiyrah over at 4 Hats and Frugal has been so kind as to post a PDF/scanned version of the form you must fill out and attach your coupons to in order to receive the raincheck. It can be found here.

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