Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Couples Tag

Since no one has tagged me yet, I took it upon myself to accept Michelle's challenge.

What is his name? Rudy
What is her name? Melissa
How long have you been married? Will be 5 years on Valentine's day.
How long did you date? a year & a half
How old is he? 32
How old is she? 26 on Sunday
Who eats more? I eat more, he eats more often
Who said I love you first? me
Who is taller? Rudy
Who sings better? Me I guess....
Who is smarter? Honestly, I think we're both pretty darn smart!
Who does the laundry? Depends on who needs clean clothes first. Just kidding! Usually I do it, but I make him put his own clothes away (after folding them).
Who pays the bills? I like Marly's answer: "He hands the money to me. I hand it to others."
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Facing the bed, it's him. Laying in the bed, it's me.
Who mows the lawn? That's his job.
Who cooks the dinner? Well, since I burn tea bags, most of the time he does....though on rare occassion, I have been known to throw a pizza in the oven without burning the house down.
Who drives? I do....I don't mind it, and I tend to get carsick when riding. He doesn't much like driving, so it works out well.
Who is more stubborn? He's a typical man in the sense that he never thinks he's wrong.
Who proposed? Rudy
Who is more sensitive? Most definately, me
Who's next? Chad & Maria Jackie & Jason Erin & Nick

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