Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Be Prepared--part II

I realized after posting, that I left out our furry friends when preparing for a disaster.

Since many times, warnings are issued well in advance of the potential disaster's occurance, you may want to bring your pet inside so you don't have to search for them should you need to leave your area quickly. Make sure your pet has on a collar and up to date identification.

While I mentioned that most shelters do not accept pets, in the event that you find one who does, it might be important for you to know what to take with you.

1. Medications & medical records, especially rabies vaccination information.
2. Leash, harness, and/or carrier to keep pet confined.
3. Photos in case your pet gets lost.
4. Food, water, bowls, liter pan & can opener.
5. Pet bed and/or toy(s).

Be prepared for the fact that while the shelter may offer space to temporarily house your pet during a disaster, most likely they will not be allowed to stay with you, but in a separate part of the shelter. You may also be required to sign an agreement of sorts which explains the guidelines for having your pet in the shelter.

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