Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ebay rant

I used to sell (& buy!) a lot on ebay. But, since they changed the rules, and increased their fees (ie commission), I have backed away from it, finding other outlets to sell my items. Recently though, I have run into a situation that I want to vent about.

Before my daughter was born, I purchased a beautiful pink toile & polka dot design car seat cover from littlesheepboutique. I was pleased when I received the item. However, upon washing it this past weekend, it came apart at the seam where the 2 patterns met. I took a picture of it, and emailed the seller, asking her how we could remedy this problem. At first she seemed like she was willing to work with me, asking if there was another pattern in her store that I liked. I picked one out, and she then emailed me back with the (reduced) price that she would charge me. When I replied that I didn’t have the funds to purchase at this time, she got snippy, and advised me that she would only be able to offer me this price for a few more days. I (kindly) asked how I would be sure that the new one I bought would not do the same thing upon washing it. She then told me that her “new” patterns were double stitched, whereas her “old” design was only single stitched. In other words, since I had an older, single stitched pattern I was simply $h!t out of luck. That’s customer service for ya!

Even though she has a pretty good feedback score, I am offering some words of wisdom to beware of this seller if you are looking to purchase a similar item.


Jackie said...

Ugh... customer service sucks these days!

Kat's Credence said...

Yeah, that doesn't seem right, she knew the single stitch wasn't holding so she went to double stitch, she she knows its faulty.