Sunday, August 24, 2008

Exciting Savings!

Here are some savings thoughs for this week that I'm pretty excited about, so I thought I'd share with you.

The store brand diapers are being clearanced out, because the packaging has changed (old is red, new is light green). I found some BIG packs for $2.50 each, and the "regular" packs were $2. They had a $5 off $20 coupon that was valid Fri & Sat, which I used when buying these diapers. Oddly enough, there were only sizes 3 & 6 left on the shelf, which are the sizes my kiddos are in, so I cleared the shelf. I got 7 packs of diapers, a bag of cheetos, a Cars book for Lucas, and 2 Baby Einstein teething toys (which were also on clearance for $1 each) for Caroline all for $18.xx
After I left there, I had an "AHA" moment, remembering there is also a $5/2 Walgreens coupon in the Easy Saver book that I could have used, which would have made the diapers FREE (but then I wouldn't have been able to use the $5/$20 coupon unless I bought some other stuff). They also had Pampers Easy Ups (girls) on clearance for $3, which there are coupons out there to use.

Is having triple coupons and Bonus Bucks this week! Not sure what I'll be getting yet, but I'll definately be making a trip (or 2) in there! Be sure to pick up a copy (or 2) of the current Easy Solutions booklet as there are some store coupons in there to be combined with manufacturer coupons for sale items (BirdsEye Voila!) that are also Bonus Bucks items.

Rite Aid
Has a few things that (I consider) are a good deal, including some FAR (free after rebate) this week, including:
~Duck Brand EZ start packing tape ($1.50, FAR)
~Huggies $9.99 (counts towards Kimberly Clark rebate offer, this is now almost $3 cheaper than RA regular price of $12.49 since the diaper increase at the beginning of this quarter)
~Pert shampoo 99c (after $2 rebate, there are $2 coupons out there to use, as well as a mail in rebate, both of which would make this a money maker)
~Bandaids B1G1 50% off (counts towards Johnson & Johnson rebate offer, $1
coupons out there to use)
~ItchX ($3.99, FAR)
~Adult Aconomel treatment 99c (after $5 rebate)
~Albolene cleanser 99c (after $7 rebate)
~Certain Dri feet 99c (after $4 rebate)
~CompoundW 99c (after $6 rebate)
~Pledge dusters 2/$2 (after $2/2 rebate, $3/1 coupons out there to use on )
~Oust Surface & Air (1.99 after $1 rebate, there is a $2/2 printable here)
~Lysol sanitizing wipes B1G1 ($1/2 printable here, a good deal if you're interested in the $5 Lysol pediatrician deal)
~Fantastik & Shout 2/$2 (after $2/2 rebate, $1 coupons out there to use)

***Rite Aid policy is to NOT accept internet printed coupons, however, YMMV.


Marly said...

Hey, Melissa, I asked at the CS desk at SuperFresh on Sunday if I could stack coupons, and they told me no! I'll ask again when I go back tomorrow.

And I know I have used printable coupons at RA before, but it's been a few months. Is that possibly an individual store policy, or did they change the policy recently?

Anonymous said...

You most certainly can use a store coupon & a manuf coupon at SuperFresh. Let me see if I can find a link to their coupon policy & I'll email it to you.

Ummmm, RA just started strictly enforcing their no printed coupons in the last 3 months or so. Before then, I used them w/ no issues. You may still find an occassional store/cashier that accepts them w/o knowing the "rules"