Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Coupon brags of the week

This week (8/1-8/7), SuperFresh (SF) is having triple coupons! I went on Saturday to pick up a few things. While it wasn't my best trip, savings wise, I was still pleased with what I picked up....and I do plan to go back again before it's over.

Pampers Baby Dry diapers were on sale for $8.99--I had $2 coupons to use
Pampers Easy Ups were also on sale for the same price--I had $3 coupons to use However, over on their clearance shelf, I found some Pampers Feel & Learns marked down to $6.99, which I could also use my $3 coupons on, so I put the Easy Ups back on the shelf.
Lysol foam hand sanitizer (small bottle) is on sale for $1.99. I have a 75c coupon to triple ($2.25), so it ends up being free. Plus, they are sponsoring a promo where if you buy 2 Lysol products & have a pediatrician visit, you are eligible for a $5 rebate. Here's the info in case anyone is interested.
Land o' Lakes butter was $1.99 and I had a 40c coupon to triple ($1.20), plus a 40c store coupon, so I only paid like 39c for a tub of butter. We might not need it right now, but we'll use it sooner or later before it gets yucky.

My FAVORITE store to shop at is RiteAid (RA). They make their rebate redemption so seemlessly easy with online submission, which in turn makes it even easier to "double dip" on rebates you need the original receipt to mail in. They also allow coupon "stacking" (using a store coupon & a manufacturer coupon at the same time for deeper savings), which is another incentive to shop there (they often distribute store coupons via their website, in store, etc).
This week I plan on buying a few things, which will be free after rebate (FAR):
ReNu contact solution twin pack
Revlon nail polish
Gillette Fusion mens razor
Gillette body wash
Charles Worthington hair care products
Old Spice mens disposable razor

Heads up because there is a coupon book coming out this weekend with store coupons in it, valued at over $260. I was able to get my hands on one last night, but the coupons aren't valid until 8/10-8/23.

Last week, I ventured into Walgreens (WAGs), which is something that I don't normally do, mainly because I'm not as familiar with their rebate system as I am RiteAid (and I find it a bit more time consuming & confusing). WAGs also allows "stacking" of coupons, and with this I did score some deals.

Apparently the WAGs brand diapers just went through a packaging design change, so they clearanced out all the old styles at $5.99 Well, that was last week, but the signs were still up, so I scored 2 packs at that price. Plus, there was a coupon in their booklet for $5/2 packs, so I paid a total of $6.98 for 2 packs for diapers for Caroline to grow into.
Kotex had a $1.50 store coupon & I had a $1 manufacturer coupon, so I paid 49c each for 2 packs of pantyliners. Not free like you can get elsewhere, but I was also trying to rack my bill up to a little over $20 in order to use my $5 off $20 coupon that was valid last Thurs.
If you visit this blog, you can get some great WAGs deals as well. Thanks for sharing, Mercedes!


Angie said...

I love Rite Aid too. I just started shopping there about a month and a 1/2 ago. I got all that stuff too, and the Olay face wash stuff. Did you pick the new coupon book up where they have the flyers when you come into the store, or did you have to ask for it?

MelissaW said...

I had to ask for the coupon book. I didn't see the Olay face wash when I was in there yesterday, but I will be taking another trip, so maybe I will be able to find it when the kids aren't nagging me.