Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Driver's Ed 101--Melissa style

Apparently I have a case of raod rage when it comes to how others drive. There are certain things that just irritate the crap outta me when I'm driving. So, here's Driver's Ed 101 for you--Melissa style:

~Here in the great state of Maryland, it is a law that you must use your headlights when operating your windshield wipers. Reason behind this is, if you need to use them, then chances are, visibility isn't all that great, and others probably can't see you all that well either. Certain highways even require the use of headlights at all times. It's to protect you AND those driving on the road with you. Another time to use them is when it's foggy....dusk and dawn...heck, just make it a habit to turn them on when you start the car. But, don't forget to turn them off when you get out. I can bet if you do forget, you won't do it but once, especially if you come back to a dead battery.

~If I'm riding in the fast lane, which I have a habit of doing (since I'm usually going [slightly] faster than the speed limit), please don't come speeding up behind me, thinking that you are going to intimidate me to moving over in the "slow" lane. I have just as much right to be there as you do. Also, don't try to speed by me in the right hand lane if you want to get around me. If I have the opportunity, I will speed my vehicle up, so you are unable to pass, with the help of other cars in the right hand lane. Blinking your headlights at me won't get you anywhere either. If by some chance you do pass me, make note, because most likely, we'll be sitting at the next stoplight/sign together anyways, so you won't have gotten too far ahead in the grand scheme of things.

~Use your blinker! You know, that little "arm" on the left side of the steering wheel...push up when turning right (or moving to the right lane), down when turning left (or moving to the left lane). Again, this is not for you, but so others know what you are doing while driving....Myself, I'm not a mind reader, so I can't tell what your intentions are if you move into the same lane as I. If no blinker, I assume you are not paying attention/drunk/sleeping & drifted over there by mistake, and are therefore a risk to me & my family. On occassion, I have been known to call the police with vehicle descriptions.

~If I do manage to piss you off with my driving skills, don't think you're going to hurt my feelings by cursing at me or making certain hand gestures at me. When I notice people doing this, usually I just smile & wave at them. You know, kill 'em with kindness kinda mind set.


Kat's Credence said...

"if I have the opportunity, I will speed my vehicle up, so you are unable to pass" - ahh, just let them go by, its less emotional stress on you, lol.

But ride with John 1 day, you'll feel tame compared to him!

Marly said...

Um Melissa, regarding your rules for driving in the left lane... The MD Transportation Code (Title 21, Subtitle 3) states that vehicles are to travel to the right unless passing, and that a vehicle in a position to be overtaken must yield the right of way and must not increase speed. Violations are worth one point on your driver license.

But the scariest thing to me is that this is the stuff that ignites deadly road rage. Personally, if I wanted to pass you, and you took steps to keep me from doing so, I'd just sit and simmer. But if somebody with a mean temper was frustrated enough, you could be run off of the road - I've seen it happen. Legally speaking, the blame could go either way, as you could be considered the instigator of the conflict (and it falls under premeditation now that you've published your intent), even though s/he was the cause of your leaving the roadway. Personally, I think the outcome would have little bearing in the scheme of things if you, your husband, or (God forbid) either of your kids was hurt.

Just something to consider - because I like you.

Oh, and I am TOTALLY with you on the turn signal thing. :)

MelissaW said...

Thanks, Marly! I never said that me driving in the left lane was "OK" or "right" In fact, that's part of the reason that I added "Melissa style" to the post title. But, thanks for the enlightenment & kind words!