Thursday, August 7, 2008

Birthday wishlist

My birthday is coming up next month. My dear husband usually asks me about a week before what I want, and I never can think of anything to tell parents ask as well, but a little sooner than that.

Well, this year I'm on top of things & am posting my list of "wants" here for them to refer to when they need to.
--I want someone to come hook my dishwasher up that we bought brand new almost 2 years ago when we moved into our house....but it's just been sitting there because it's not hooked up.
--I want ceiling fans installed in the kids' bedrooms & 1 in the family room. I think we have them all purchased, again, it's just we need someone to come do the installation.
--I would like to have a new glass front door so I can open my door on a cool fall/spring day and let the breeze blow through.
--A new door installed between the dining & utility rooms, so we can take down the afghan that's been hanging there for over a year now.
--A nice set of silverware to go w/ the new dishes I'd like.
--If all else fails, Bath & Body Works sweet pea body cream is always a welcome item

While I'm at it....Honey, I want this (or something like it) for our 5 year wedding anniversary coming up in February. :-)

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Hey enjoy the movie!