Monday, March 16, 2009

Ahhhh, retail therapy!

Yesterday, sweet hubby of mine kept the kids while I went in town to get a (much needed) haircut.....I called the salon on my way to town, hoping that my stylist was working, and surprisingly, she was! I was able to make an appointment for 430p, which left me with a little time to kill, so I walked the mall before my hair appointment.

I went into JC Penney to buy some new pillows for us....Armed with a $5 JC Penney reward certificate and a $10/25 coupon, I found a twin pack of queen pillows for $23.99. There was a sale going on where you bought 1 pillow (or pack of pillows) and got the second for $1. I also picked up a long sleeve shirt for hubby, which was on clearance fror $5.99. After it was all said and done, I paid $16.xx for 4 pillows and a shirt! I was thrilled!

After my hair appointment was over, I walked around some more, enjoying the "me" time. I went into Bath & Body Works, which I had a coupon for a free item when you purchased another, so I replenished my Sweet pea body cream supply & also picked up a travel size of Butterfly flower scent for $1. I got 3 things for $13.xx plus another coupon to use in April for a free candle.

Off to Gymboree to see what they had for me to buy, since I have a 20% off coupon for there as well. The cashier told me that they were having a sale and everything $32.95 and less would ring up as $19.99 (unless it was already marked down). I didn't find anything that really jumped out at me, but I did buy Caroline a cute little pair of leggins for $2.xx

I went in Victoria's Secret on my way back out to the car, hoping to cash in a freebie coupon I have, and buy some panties. Unfortunately, they were in the middle of taking inventory and were less than willing to check in the back to see if they had more of what I wanted, so I walked out without buying anything.

After leaving the mall, I headed to Target to use some baby coupons that were soon expiring. I bought Pampers diapers (on sale $9, used $1 Target coupon, $1.50 manuf coupon =$6.50), Luvs diapers (7.99, used $1 Target coupon, $1 manuf coupon = $5.99), 2 packs Huggies Gentle Care wipes (used 2 $5 IPs = 99c each pack watch the wording on these though, some were specifically for Gentle Care diapers & should only be used on diapers), travel size Satin Care shave gel (99c - $1 manuf coupon = FREE), 4 Johnson's Buddies (97c - $1 manuf coupon = FREE), Lucas' easter basket (a Tonka truck!), a CD for me to listen to at work (soothing piano music), and a shirt for each kid to wear on St Patrick's day. I was pretty pleased with my total, though I don't remember what it was right off hand.

Since I was right there, I ran into Best Buy & picked up a paper shredder since ours broke a while back (I tried to feed it too many sheets at once!). No coupon, but it was on sale for under $30, plus I get points towards a Rewards certificate.

A quick trip to fill the car up with gas at Sam's club completed my trip, but not before I checked to see if Staples was still open (it wasn't), since I had an ink cartridge to turn in, and some $1 sale items I wanted to pick up....guess that will have to wait until later this week.

Definately refreshing to get out by myself for a few hours, and even better to spend some money, yet save at the same time!


Superjaxster said...

I have a coupon for the free panties and VS too. I just remembered that after reading your post.

Suz said...

Good for you! Love when you can get so much done in one trip... :)