Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Olive Juice Bags Contest

Olive Juice Bags is a manufacturer of funky affordable fabric bags, Made in the USA. Olive Juice Bags is holding a Bag-of-the-Month giveaway and you can help spread the word. These bags are eco-friendly because the company has found a way to utilize overrun fabric and keep it out from being thrown away. Repurposing the fabric into a functional and fashionable product means less waste in the landfills. Because of this, many of the bags are unique: five-of-a kind, two-of-a kind or even one-of-a kind.

If you see an Olive Juice Bag you like, snag it quickly because you may not see the same bag ever again. Olive Juice Bags is also a socially conscious company that supports real-wage jobs. Local families benefit from jobs provided by companies that manufacture in the US-- and Olive Juice Bags is one of them.

Check out the different varieties of Olive Juice Bags here.

To enter the Bag-a-month contest, simply blog about it and be sure to send a link for that particular post (not your blog homepage) to olivehuicebags@comcast.net You may enter once per day. Contest runs through August 31, 2009. There will be 6 winners chosen (1 each month), and a list of winners will be available in the monthly newsletter, which you can sign up for on the website. As a newsletter subscriber, you are also eligible for special discounts/promotions at Olive Juice Bags.

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